Koei cancels PS3 exclusive Musou Orochi Z for US

At one time Koei planned on localizing Musou Orochi Z as Warriors Orochi: The Collective. A representative from Koei confirmed that the rumor Siliconera discovered was on the mark, but plans for the project have been shelved. Warriors Orochi: The Collective, Musou Orochi Z, Warriors Orochi Z or whatever name you know the game by is stuck in Japan, which makes Musou Orochi Z the first Omega Force developed Warriors game not to get an overseas release.

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Chris3993273d ago

I'd rather have that myself - seeing as that series has never left Japan, this will be it's first foray on Western soil. Dynasty Warriors is a little too much of the same. Besides they're releasing the next Dynasty Warriors over here, so you only have to wait a few months for a "fix" :)


vhero3272d ago

Ah well the game ran like Jam anyways well it did on the 360 at least..

Kain813273d ago

It would sell well in US/EU

Andreas-Sword3273d ago

Right choice KOEI !
Right decision KOEI !

Warriors Orochi is a sh*t game. This game not sell well in US/EU !
The new announced KOEI games "Warriors Legends of Troy" and "Trinity Souls of Zill O'll" are better games than "Warriors Orochi".
KOEI brings these games to North America and to Europe. This is better! ;)

qface643273d ago

dang do you guys want dynasty warriors version that badly?