Metroid: Other M So Secret Koei Didn't Even Know About It

Team Ninja, Tecmo, and Nintendo kept Metroid: Other M well hidden from the public eye. Even Koei, which merged with Tecmo, wasn't aware the game was in development.

While the merger was in process Tecmo was not allowed to disclose they were working on Metroid: Other M. That's how secretive Nintendo is about their first party projects! Since Tecmo is so close to Nintendo you would think Nintendo would release Fatal Frame IV overseas, but a representative from Tecmo reiterated Fatal Frame IV will not be released in North America or Europe.

Team Ninja grew slightly too. Usually, Team Ninja consists of 80-85 people. Right now there are about 100 people in Team Ninja. Metroid: Other M is slated for release in 2010.

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ChickeyCantor3392d ago

Thats just weird, i mean now we just have to guess how many games Nintendo is making....

qface643392d ago

dang that's basically hiding it from your other half o.O
they are very very secretive
for all we know they can be working on every game they have to offer right now and no one would ever even know it

xino3392d ago

it's not really important now, I mean they've just announced the game and all we are doing now is waiting for more news on the game.

TheColbertinator3391d ago

I wonder what else Nintendo is keeping secret

Gr813391d ago

That you got a disagree for a question. Watch me get one for this statement.

Other M looks dope btw. Can't wait to play it.

Shnazzyone3391d ago (Edited 3391d ago )

Nintendo was founded by ninjas!!! come on! they almost named it ninjas but then realised someone would notice and stopped after the first three letters. It wouldn't surprise me at all to learn that when japan didn't need ninjas anymore that they founded the company with money from assassinations... the benefit... nintendo knows how keep secrets. I want to see their throwing star and smoke bomb budget now.

N4g_null3390d ago

I know right. The fans pretty much dumped them and they still found away to slaughter millions! The balancing board is their secret technique training platform. Now they have brought their 2d ninjas back into the fold!

fatstarr3390d ago

from what ive read nintendo used to work with the yakuza lol like 100 years ago.

but nintendo haas to be good at keeping secrets. microsoft is always sttealing and turning and idea "better"

N4g_null3390d ago

It's too bad they can not make a better mario ain't it?