Is it for Wii? Put a big head on it

Posted an article on, not quite an article, more of a rant that was triggered by the screens of Marvel Super Hero Squad way before E3


" "Hey guys, we invested a lot on the Next-Gen consoles and our games are not selling that well"

"Are we closing?"

"No, not so drastic... we'll just have to make games for the Wii"

"Hum... but we don't know anything about it... how do you appeal for its public?"

"Well, I guess we put on big heads on our characters"

Believe it or not, that's only a dramatization. But I could bet this is what's happening in 8/10 studios that work with the Wii. "

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kesvalk3386d ago

yea, i thought this desing choice was ridiculous, even as a kid, big head never made the game cool, it was more like a ridiculous extra or something like that...

the only game i think it was good and had big heads was Final Fantasy 9
everything else was just crap

Sangria3386d ago (Edited 3386d ago )

The Big Head cheat in Legacy of Kain Defiance was awesome, but like said, inflated heads don't make good games. It only became a marketing concept to make the game looking like family-friendly. Big heads is so "kawaii".