New Details on Max Payne 3

The latest issue of Game Informer has some juicy new details on Rockstar's Max Payne 3. Max is now bald, bearded and addicted to pain killers. Which has an affect on the gameplay. Max has hit rock bottom in every sense of the word and has found himself in Sao Palo, Brazil. Max Payne 3 is looking visually very similar to Uncharted 2 (stunning), with vibrant colors and fully destructible environments - all powered by Rockstar's RAGE engine and a procedural animation system.

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UnSelf3391d ago

thats a very bold bark there brother

WildArmed3391d ago

yeah, shoulda went with Uncharted.. not Uncharted 2.

urban bohemian3391d ago

BALD bark!

Sorry for the poor joke. It had to be said.

Defectiv3_Detectiv33391d ago (Edited 3391d ago )

Am I the only one who doesn't have any love for this series? The new one does sound promising w/ the Uncharted comparisons and all, but the old ones got so repetitive. I played them for about an hour before I asked myself "what's the point, the story isn't even worth following."


Nice, somebody disagreed w/ me, I geuss that means I'm not the only one who doesn't like this game. Keep'em comin fellas.


What the hell is up w/ the agree all of a sudden. Someones got a sense of humor. Be forewarned, flattery will get you nowhere.

All Time Greatness3391d ago

It this releasing in 2009? I can't believe they didn't want to show it at E3.

silvacrest3391d ago

i love the series, it introduced me to bullet time which was just to awesome back in the day

if anything the article writter wrote is true then im extreamly hyped for this game

cant wait

Milky Joe3391d ago

That made me lol Urban!

Mindboggle3391d ago

I cant wait for this. I played the first one and loved it, but i skipped the second one as I dont think was advertised very well and i never even knew it existed until a year later.

BWS19823391d ago (Edited 3391d ago )

Max Payne was about living and breathing a world, struggle and saga that is in an upper echelon of entertainment to this day. As for the graphics, considering the caliber of the IP, they'll probably be awesome. Very few experiences, game or movie, have had the atmosphere, gameplay and storytelling Max Payne 1 and 2 did on the PC. The great graphics for its time (played PC ones) were just a bonus...

theEnemy3391d ago

let's just hope they are telling the truth.

If MP3 is indeed visually very similar to Uncharted 2, then this is gonna be a blast!

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ShabzS3391d ago (Edited 3391d ago )

finally some news on max ... wow okay they are really changing it up here.. colour full vibrant and in brazil?... umm ... scarily different or excited? ... maybe both..

Edit @ 1 ... yup its a bold statement alright ... but i wouldnt be surprised ... max payne 2 arguably still can complete with most games these days ... but this is still running on rage .. so dont think too much into it

FragMnTagM3391d ago

Am I the only one who thought GTA's graphics were good? In fact, they are still great along with the physics.

ShabzS3391d ago (Edited 3391d ago )

nah ... i think gta 4's graphics were brilliant especially with the euphoria engine... half the fun in the game was the physiscs

but heres the exciting thing we've seen rage on sand box games... and even still they looked more than decent... we know that sandbox games dont harness the full poewer of engines since they have to incorporate a lot more content on the screen ...

but imagine what rage would look like with linear levels max payne style... better textures and more details for one thing ... max payne 2 set the a bar for graphics in 2004 .... i have no doubt that this will aim to do that as well...

MurderMyDoll3391d ago

Not really sure I like the change of setting, I remember playing the dark and gritty Max Payne in a dark and chaotic city in a constant snowstorm. I was really looking forward to seeing the dark snowy city with next gen graphics but oh well, this game just dropped off my radar.

dachiefsman3391d ago

you see a couple pictures and you are already jumping off the wagon.

Well, I for one am going to reserve judgment till I see some gameplay.

ShabzS3391d ago

hold on... dont base a 5 yr long wait on a 5 line text ... lets wait and see what it looks like

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orion4563391d ago

Rockstar are gonna completely ruin max payne for me.
I mean it will obviously have great action, but apart from that it won't even come close to the story, the characterisation, and atmosphere of Remedy's Max Payne's.

Bring on Alan Wake.

Lich1203390d ago

I have to disagree. I thought GTA4 had some excellent dialog and thats what made the first 2 so great.

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