Joystiq: ModNation Racers impressions

As Joystiq writes, LittleBigPlanet's entire business model is based on selling customizable costumes which don't affect gameplay and it works. ModNation Racers, Sony's newest entry to their Play, Create, Share genre looks to take the idea even further.

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Coolrah3356d ago

Game looks very promising as I can't wait to get my hands on it...First LBP and now this....Sony could really make these type of games amazing if they get the right people to do it....Just imagine a RTS kind of game where you create, share, and customize your military units....

JL3356d ago

I'm really liking the way this looks. How easy it seemed to make your own track. Then it appears to be a MarioKart meets LBP. God, i can't even tell you how much time me and friends put into sitting down and just battling/racing on MarioKart (and CTR). This looks to bring that same kind of fun.

Johnny Rotten3356d ago

I like how it's that easy to make a track, I don't even remember any loading times when the race started.

darthv723356d ago

at this years e3. MS has their custom avatar racer "joy ride" and motion control idea "natal". sony has this custom creating racer and motion control idea.

I like both. Will this game be free like joy ride?