Modern Warfare 2 vs Left 4 Dead 2 vs Halo 3: ODST

GamesRadar writes:

"E3's gone dark for another year, and as we bid farewell to the rip-roarin'-est show in years we find ourselves buzzing with anticipation. The FPS field is crowded, as usual, with several massive sequels (and a handful of promising but unproven new titles). Since you need to know which of these are worth your time and money, we've selected a few top-shelf shooters for comparison. Let the merciless scrutiny begin!"

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KionicWarlord2223272d ago


Just release singularity coming out too....too many games.

this fall going to be huge.

yoghurt3272d ago

and BF:BC 2! looks awsome! complete building destruction physics!

trancefreak3272d ago

Bad co is My fav online game this gen with the exception of killzone 2 and the mplayer has to be one of the funnest experiences ive played. But the small delay in the online play was hugely annoying.

If you were trying to take cover you wernt really in that position yet because the kill cam shows where u really died which was why you died. The delay lag suked but the game still kicked but.

I have high hopes for bfbc2 along with mw2.

Shaka2K63272d ago

The clear winner is Modern Warfare 2.

trancefreak3272d ago

Modern warfare will dominate due to being muti platform.

Xbox boys will buy anything with the halo name stamped on it + bungie is a top notch developer so I can see odst selling well.

Also im sure Edge mag will drop Halo odst nothing short of a 10 which will have millions on n4g/ TeH Net in a total chaotic frenzy with metacritic average filled with un bias 10s from all over the world allowing fan boys (Xbisquits) to claim victory of this console generation. LOLZ

Well the good news is everyone has plenty of games to play this fall/winter. Now I just need to start using the penny bank because I'll be broke come xmas time.

mrv3213272d ago

Just by the title I think it's out of sequal to be closest to the original. I think out of all of them it must be L4D2. With COD 5 being close.

randomwiz3272d ago

cod 5 is world at war...

mrv3213269d ago

I refuse to call any call of duty anything but 'call of duty and number' That's why modern warfare 2 to me and to everyone gamers should be called Call of Duty 6 not just some CASH COW NAME CHANGE.

sedx3272d ago

LOL .....MAG will own everyone..... here's why...
zipper interactive made the best third person shooter socom 1 and 2 ..
socom 2 is the longest game i ever played ...zipper interactive ... is all about gameplay not about the graphics...

MAG will be amazing 256 lag free ....cant wait

raztad3272d ago (Edited 3272d ago )

Well, if you talk about ONLINE could be. MAG lacks of SP though so hardly can beat the others

Btw, I very much doubt you can find a 64+ player game that looks better than MAG.

Mindboggle3272d ago

MAG wont nothing. It will have the same impact warhawk did. However i think uncharted 2 will be huge. From playing the beta its amazing...Best shooter ive played in ages.

trancefreak3272d ago

Ya bro0 mag will rock IMO but will have to see what it fully brings to the table besides 256 players and a mission obgective online fps.

randomwiz3272d ago

im not so sure about MAG being amazing, but what i like about it is that its like a single player game with AI being real people. You're given an objective, and you have to accomplish that, just like a single player game.

In my opinion, MAG is NOT just another fps.

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