IndustryGamers Interview: Sucker Punch's Fleming on Why PS3 Exclusivity is Good and Why He Needed a Break from Sly

IndustryGamers: While we'll have to wait for the NPD data later this week to see what kind of start Sucker Punch's inFamous had at retail, the critical buzz is certainly there. With an overall Metacritic rating of 85 and a number of scores in the 90s from publications like GameDaily, GameSpot, IGN, 1UP and others, it's clear that Sony has another solid hit, exclusive to PS3. Prior to the game's release, IndustryGamers had the pleasure of sitting down with Brian Fleming, co-founder of Sucker Punch (known for the Sly Cooper series) and all around nice guy.

We chatted with Fleming about the vast contrast (and some similarities) between inFamous and Sly, if they'll do another Sly next, why exclusivity on PS3 is good for his team, and if he'd want to work on Wii. Check out the full Q&A below and enjoy!

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MasterChief36243328d ago (Edited 3328d ago )

Heh, wow... that definitely came off as quite douchey from that website :(

But this is a great interview other than that. Very insightful, and I definitely respect his stance on Sly Cooper. Sometimes you do need a bit of a change, and they were going six years strong on that franchise, so it's cool that they switched it up a little. Definitely shows Sucker Punch's versatility.

He is also very candid and honest, and that's always a great thing, too. Too many developers out there try to come off as badass (*cough*CliffyB*cough*) and thinking they know everything in the world, but this Fleming guy... I can definitely see that he is not trying to show off or be a badass. He's just a very honest developer :D

Basically, too many developers out there seem fake, but he is definitely genuine.

CypH3328d ago

when I have to read them