Joystiq Interview: Nate Fox on inFamous and inSpiration

If you've been spending a lot of time enjoying the electro-shockery featured in inFamous, you've got the guy pictured -- and the other 50-odd members of Sucker Punch Productions -- to thank. His name is Nate Fox, game director for inFamous and a writer/designer who has a decade of tenure with the studio. Joystiq had a chance to sit down with Nate at E3 to get a post-mortem look at the high voltage superhero sim, and to finally inquire what lies within protagonist Cole's mysterious backpack.

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NathanGra3177d ago

He seems like a really nice, down to earth guy. I hope that inFamous sold well and that the company thrives. I know I loved the game. First platinum trophy I've ever got!

Freakwave0033177d ago

Instead of Cole McGrath, they should've named him Nathan Fox. Nathan Fox could hang out with Nathan Drake and Nathan Hale in the sequel.

SmokingMonkey3177d ago

Hey?! I'm a white male between the ages of 18-35 with a shaved head just like Cole and Sgt. Hale, (never had a flow hawk like Drake tho)

Sev, also had the flohawk right?

Know your customer.