The Gulf Between Reviewers and Gamers: Runs Far, Deep and Steep "In terms of reviewing styles, I've observed that most reviewers when faced with the prospect of writing a glowing review often regress into waxing eloquent on it. Straight forward objectivity suffers a lot when it can't be distinguished from prejudiced liking (or even hating) of a product. Some reviewers find one aspect of a game to be so great as to completely conceal any shortcomings it may have. Others may not find the initial game compelling enough and seek to mask their lack of enthusiasm (or showcase their immense dislike) by pinpointing flaws. This may sound like gibberish but it becomes an important issue when faced with questions like why Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare wasn't criticized for it's lack of co-op play while Killzone 2 was.

"There's no denying the need for professional reviews. We need people who have been around long enough to elaborate on the genuine merits of a game, while identifying the flaws the interfere in gameplay. It may seem 'cold' or 'heartless' to degenerate game reviewing into a completely objective art of analysis. But when going the other way has produced such controversial results, it's definitely worth a shot."

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Ramtough3359d ago (Edited 3359d ago )

If reviewers (if you want to call some of them that) just play a game and review the game for what it is then I think gamers would respect them a bit more. Too often from my vantage point it appears that reviews become nothing more than critical comparisons of one game to other games often times unrelated beyond the fact that they are in the same genre.

This leads me to personally believe that there is too much bias in most reviews. Add to that a twinge of tunnel vision mixed with a hint of rose colored glassery (yep made that word up) and you've found the sad often disgusting current state of game reviews. Most times they are bogus.

I also personally think that many sites should do away with scores all together. More often than not I find the scores don't jive well with the written reviews anyway. Reviewing games is easy but being objective is almost fuggin impossible for these people. Trust me I'm a hypocrite :)

Nineball21123359d ago

Yeah, I tend to agree about doing away with scores. I've seen a few websites just give a thumbs up or thumbs down.... or recommend / not recommend.

That, I think is very straightforward... the problem is that it doesn't leave much room for nuances.

LinuxGuru3359d ago

PlayStation LifeStyle is a community built around staff and users mingling constantly, and our reviews are written from a low-level gamer perspective, albeit with proper grammar, english, sentence structure and what not.

We don't fall victim to the hype virus, and we play and review a game for what it is and what it presents.

snaz273359d ago

at the end of the day a review is really just an opinion, and by all means they are entitled to have one but sometimes their bias does shine through, i think especially (but not only) playstation games get a harder time with reviews. maybe its because people dont want the ps3 to have any great games so they can say see told you so, or something like that, or maybe its because sony set such a high bar for themselves and people always expect them to smash it time and again, which in general i feel they do... but also multiplat games have some odd scores, for instance i just picked up tomb raider underworld, i was kinda put off by some of the reviews but i have to say im shocked! the game to me is awesome! and although i love uncharted to bits, it can defo hang with it. but it got 80s all over the place. i just dont get it? for me its atleast a 92 or maybe higher, the best tomb raider ive played so far, after anniversery (which i felt was abit of a let down) i had kinda given up with the series.

Da One3359d ago (Edited 3359d ago )

Reviews and reviewers are getting more and more garbage by the day.

It seems like most sites, let certain big named titles slide with bull and nail smaller named titles to the wall............