Doom 3 D3 DemonWars 0.26 (Beta) Released

D3 DemonWars combines cooperatively fighting hordes of Doom3 monsters at huge outdoor facilities (Doom1+2 style gameplay) with the revolutionary unified light and shadowing idtech4 engine (Doom3). Mod by Oneofthe8devilz.

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maniacmayhem3324d ago

Did Doom 3 ever make it to consoles?

Anyways, this looks like a lot of fun. Reminds me of Horde mode in Gears 2.

And that kicked ass!

Eiffel3324d ago

Doom 3 released on the Original XBOX/PC and Steam.

tompoulo3324d ago

I remember when it was released on PC (i don't even remember what year it was released) everyone was like: "OMG!The grafics are photorealistic!! They can't improve any more! You need a super pc to play this!" And stuff like that. I look at them now and they look like crap... Anyway this MOD looks interesting i may try to find the dvd and try it out just a little bit.

Cajun Chicken3324d ago

My laptop plays this now. Funny isn't it? And that's why I stopped trying to keep up with PC gaming and hardware.

Olly3324d ago

Yeah, in open lit environments like this it looks a bit crap, but the main reason Doom 3 looked fantastic and still holds up well is the lighting, most of Doom 3 was in darkness and the lighting engine is fantastic in those conditions (plus, textures are better covered up when in darkness).

ChampIDC3324d ago

Wow, this mod looks pretty cool. I'll have to check it out.