BeefJack - Games For Reel: Folklore

BeefJack writes: "This time around I would like to go over a game for Playstation 3 that has been overlooked by many. The game is Folklore. It was released on October 9th 2007. It's 2009 now, and I haven't heard very much talk about it."

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Keith Olbermann3326d ago

A trophy patch with new dlc would breath new life into it.

_Q_3326d ago

Though I am greatly hoping for a sequel it really was an underated game

badbond13326d ago

PS3. And they say playstation has no games. Crock of bull Malarkey!

Myst3326d ago

Now that I think about it I should go back and play this game tonight, I'm also hoping not for a sequel but at least more games similar to this type of style if at all possible. A sequel I suppose would be nice, but more games utilizing that style of game play would be interesting.