Microsoft stopping Epic releasing Gears maps for free

In this week's's "Yours" podcast, Epic Games founder Tim Sweeney confirms that Microsoft are trying to get them to charge for the next batch of maps.

Although two have already been released, they have four more maps that they've built and would like to release for free but are coming up against Microsoft's business model.

The podcast also finds out what's happenning with Games for Windows Live from Epic's point of view.

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HuntingYou4272d ago

that means you can keep your soul...we can't have that now can we

Neutral Gamer4272d ago

* The recent news that they won't be releasing Service Pack 3 for Windows XP.

* The way they abandoned the original Xbox after the 360 came out.

* Now forcing a developer to charge for free content.

I love Windows and I love my Xbox and Xbox 360, but Microsoft, you do make it difficult on us don't you?

MikeGdaGod4271d ago

this is the problem i have with MS. love their products but they take advantage of their loyal consumers because they think people will just accept it.

i don't

shotty4271d ago

2 sides to the game
One side wants to give everything for free and make everyone happy
The other (rational side) is knowing that it cost money to make the products so the cost should be passed down for those that want it.

As much as I want these maps for free it is a business and if you keep giving things for free it just puts you deeper into the red.

Vfor54271d ago

I love Epic and Mircosoft, but I hate when the ask me for money. :/

BubblesDAVERAGE4272d ago

Then that makes no reason to play that 60 bucks a year...i thought content was suppose to be free

techie4272d ago

I assure most of the Motorstorm updates WILL NOT be free :) just saying. This is a topic for owners of Gears to talk about...don't think flaming should be welcome here, or anywhere :)

Neutral Gamer4272d ago (Edited 4272d ago )

Yeah, either we pay a yearly subscription or we pay for content downloads. That's how I think it SHOULD be.

But it looks like Microsoft want to have their cake and eat it as well!

Remember the whole Oblivion "Horse Armour" situation, was it worth it paying for that?

Bigmac5734272d ago

It really makes you think. So I really need to shell out $20 bucks to make my horse shinier when I can jack up my characters agility and run twice-three times faster?

Neutral Gamer4272d ago

Well said deepbrown, but you gotta admit, not having to pay a yearly subscription on the PS3 does mean you can afford to buy more of those downloads and updates such as those for the aforementioned Motorstorm.

And also, what are you still doing up at 5.20AM mate? You ever sleep?!

Also to Bigmac above, horses need care and attention as well. You gotta treat them sometimes. Horse armour may not mean much to us but I'm sure little Redrum would have been over the moon when you got him that armour. Yeeh haa!

techie4272d ago

Well i personally hope that most of those Motorstorm updates are free...I know timetrial is and other online they should have been in the game from the begining.

Could say the same for you. Was thinking of doing an all nighter for my work...not going so well, brain is fading oh so slowly...problem is, got this far...if I don't finish the work I won't be able to do it tomorrow as I'll be knackered! Ah dilemmas :)

Amplifier4272d ago

That's why Sony allows developers to make that choice hence the reason why Sony doesn't handle what games are online or not. So in this case, Microsoft doesn't they control everything!

Armyless4271d ago (Edited 4271d ago )

I've never really understood that expression. I've always thought it made more sense to say, "You can't eat your cake and have it too."

Pardon the interruption.

It's weird to hear a company tell another company what it should charge for. This is why I love the gaming industry!

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TotalEklypz4272d ago

If they wanna give out freebie let em. M$ Already making $$$ on charging for thier service. Maybe they are afriad if they don't charge, then it will make other games look bad who charge for extra content.