Forza's Mind-Blowing Trailer Took a Month to Create

Kotaku writes: "One of the most stunning moments for me during Microsoft's press conference didn't come from their new virtual controller, or Beatles appearance, in came from a car ballet.

I'm not a big racing fan. I play racing sims, and occasionally enjoy them, but they're certainly not my bread and butter. The same holds true for real life cars.

But when Turn 10 Studios ended their presentation on stage by loading up a video they created using Forza Motorsport 3's in-game video editor I was blown away.

The fact that everything happening on screen had to be actually done in-game is unbelievable, never mind the graphics."

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Omega43267d ago

Definitely one of the best trailers of E3, can only imagine how difficult it was to pull of those stunts in-game

ZombieNinjaPanda3267d ago

When they say in game, do they mean literally in game? Or just using the engine itself?

Because I wouldn't be surprised if they were able to easily just program this in.

But again, that's why I'm asking for clarification.

JOLLY13267d ago

That was Team Blackjack actually driving those cars.

jmare3267d ago (Edited 3267d ago )

Exactly. If they had people playing the game to do the trailer, that would be impressive, otherwise this is just a cutscene rendered in engine and that is not difficult to do.

EDIT: Above: Where's the proof that the trailer was done in game with players rather than a cutscene?

somekindofmike3267d ago

@ Hellangelzx

I agree with you, The race was probably done using no A.I. drivers but all set to a predeterminded route where everything happens exactly on que at the right exact moment down to the last mili second. It was never done with A.I. Drivers or real drivers, if it was then that's insane, because even doing this with predetermind routes, programing this in must of taken forever!

SnprSlick3267d ago

No, it was ACTUALLY driven by the Forza drift team called PROJECT BLKJ

Blaze9293267d ago

first time seeing this trailer. Damn that was epic

IrishRepublicanArmy3267d ago

people obviously dont like him!!
if it helps omega i love u.......... and no im not chatting u up!!

Foxgod3267d ago

Its not just Omega, anyone who likes the 360 gets mass bombed with disagree's.

It seems that liking your xbox is considered to be a bad thing.

gaffyh3267d ago (Edited 3267d ago )

It's NOT in game or in-engine. It looks more like CGI to me, and usually I can tell.

KZ2 looked CGI when they showed it a 4 years ago, and this looks CGI too.

You won't be able to do any of that stuff in-game, it was just a pointless trailer that showed nothing imo. Gameplay trailers are the only things that should be shown at this late stage in development not pre-rendered graphics. And they showed gameplay, so I don't see why they did this trailer as well, it just highlights the difference between pre-rendered and gameplay.

FamilyGuy3267d ago (Edited 3267d ago )

I could see why that would take a month to pull off, choreography and to get it right. They might have even wanted it a little longer but settled for that crash at the end. Impressive stuff.

Two things, and disagree with me if you want but please leave comments.

A lot of what's shown about this game seems closer to "arcade racing" than "racing sim" so do they call themselves a racing sim because of all the customization alone or am i supposed to expect cars in real life to actually pull of moves like that with "ease" (for lack of a better word)? It's probably more fun a game for not being so close to real life but the "driving sim" classification confuses me here.

Second: Does anyone else feel those barrel rolls in the game seem forced or tacked on? The cars seem to be able to do it just because it's programmed in rather than having an actual situation for it. Like they will hit a car/wall and flip but no special angle, speed, hill or anything required. What are you guys thought on that?

I was just re-watching the M$ conference yesterday and I noticed something about this game that i somehow didn't focus on before: The car painting.
They show SO much ability for the look of your cars it seem phenomenal. Are there actual paint brush-like tools in this game like the video would indicate or are there just a LARGE number of stencils to work with?

STILL don't like the arrogance of the dev who was displaying the game at E3 but I now see more on WHY he was bragging so much LOL

Their video editor supposedly up the graphics from what you see in-game so that MIGHT be why this looked CGI to you (it might just be CGI).
Another thing, to pull something like this off each person would need to control their car independently and they would simply be given a route and set of things to do (choreography). If what's shown here is really "in-game" just imagine what user created videos could be made if a set of friends decide to try an pull something like this off via online friends match. I like the idea

Foxgod3267d ago

He was bragging because he was proud of what he achieved with his team.
Also, when it comes out its the best racer to date, sure, another racer may come out in 2010, but right now its 2009.

And besides, when Forza4 hits in 2011, who knows it sets a new height again for racers.

Arnon3267d ago (Edited 3267d ago )

Obviously. I mean it's known that the 360 isn't capable of having these graphics.... or so we thought.

Sorry, but I think you're going to have to live with the fact that it's in-game. I mean, the developers themselves stated it was in-game. The cars were also being driven by Team Blackjack.

I'd take their word over yours.

Kleptic3267d ago

i'm confused as to what they are saying...

the video is rendered with the game engine...thats obvious...but are they saying this was done with actual human drivers?...if that is true, then that is completely awesome...but I highly doubt that is the case...its most likely just everything handled through a programmed script...which is still extremely complex...but if they did this with actual human drivers in some sort of multiplayer scenario or something...then that might be the most impressive display of gaming talent I have ever seen...

K-Gamer3267d ago

wtf, look nice and all but

is this a racing sim or a stunt game?

spandexxking3267d ago (Edited 3267d ago )

if that is in-game than it just shows you how unrealistic the physics are. just look at the 25 second mark on that trailer, it look completely unnatural

edit: @1.14 i agree i thought this was forza MOTORSPORT!

gaffyh3267d ago

@1.12 - Devs lie, this looks pre-rendered, and imo it most likely is, especially when I saw the gameplay with my own eyes and it looked nothing like this.

You don't have to believe me, I know you probably won't, but to me it looks pre-rendered and faked. None of that will be possible in-game, it looks literally impossible, the only way it would be possible is if it was simply a series of QTEs.

JOLLY13267d ago (Edited 3267d ago )

Ha! Team Blackjack has been doing this stuff since Forza 1. I can't believe you are this amazed at their talent. That is how Landin got his job at Turn 10. Go check them out on youtube t-t-t-troll.

*Edit* nbaked, it's okay sometimes I laugh when I am nervous too. Oh noes...the internet is laughing....not the internet.

*second edit* People in real life can't do j-turns I just know it.... Oh wait..

FamilyGuy3267d ago

LOL, If what's promised about this game is true I don't see why there would be need for a sequel ANY time soon. The "Definitive racing sim of this generation" should last till the release of the next generation of systems and survive of DLC alone, unless the devs get greedy.

It looks like a lasting game for me, based on all the options in it's description being true.

bnaked3267d ago

I and many many people in internet think, that this trailer is totally embarrassing.. GT-fans are laughing about that trailer..

FamilyGuy3267d ago

Yeah, maybe there's an "arcade mode" in this game like in Gran Turismo 3 on PS2? It looks nice but doesn't look like a "racing sim" to me either (based on this video). That's word i was looking for in my early post, physics, the physics see unrealistic.
Fun is fun but im thinking this is an arcade mode or the title should not classify itself as a racing simulator.

kevoncox3267d ago

This was done in game. However it is using the Forza HD movie kit. I believe you are able to splice videos together with it. So several of the moves you saw there were layered. The cars drifting while the other cars go thru it was probably placed on top and sowed down for the cars to go thru. We don'tknow what the kit is capable of just yet. Lets wait and see.
:35 spin similar to video

GVON3267d ago

Strange,I thought this was confirmed Pre rendered based on the blackjack stuff.


MGSR THE HD VERSION3267d ago (Edited 3267d ago )

i'm sure it's all in game, if you look at the trees and bushes they pretty much look in game to me.

HD trailer.

i think it's probably cause of the framerate that people don't think it's in game.....but here's the thing the game it's self runs at 60 fps, so you really can't say that's this is impossible if the game is pushing for more fps.

edit, the vid below isn't recorded at 60 fps but you can still see the environment that's being rendered.

da720izcumin3267d ago

some are amazed by the graphics...others are amazed by the game...others are amazed by the controls...others are amazed by the fact that the game is so polished that it is able to drive this well...goes to show, how much work turn 10 put in this game....
the game is not even out, and yet, the hating is in full blown attack...
*puts on disagree blocking suit*
lets go!!!!!

All Time Greatness3267d ago

So they've said about 20 times that this is the in-game engine....using the video editor in the game...and people are still going to try and pretend its CGi, just because it looks as good and arguably better than GT5.

Get over it, Forza 3 looks amazing running on the Xbox 360.

GVON3267d ago (Edited 3267d ago )

But dude,it's not.

From kotaku highlighting the creativity trailer shown during the conference.

"One of the most stunning moments for me during Microsoft's press conference didn't come from their new virtual controller, or Beatles appearance, in came from a car ballet."

Now from turn 10 themselves,more specifically

Landin "Game Genie" Williams
Turn 10 Community Lead

"So I've been reading alot of thoughts on this video and I want to clarify. Inspired by Project Blackjack, this video is an example of what can be done in-game (if you have the determination of course). This video was produced very early on at a stage when we weren't comfortable showing the's a CG render.

So to be clear...this video does not contain any in-game footage. If you want to see 100% in-game footage check out the "E3 2009 Trailer" on the Forza Motorsport 3 page!



I can't understand why my previous post was getting disagrees,all I did was provide evidence from the developers themselves.

Shadow Flare3267d ago

Just re-watching the forza trailer, i can't believe someone said this possibly looks better then GT5.

With an un-biased opinion, watch both and decide which is more realistic

cmrbe3267d ago

Physics???. Where is it?. This is worse than NFS and burnout paradise.

I don't know why you kids think this game could ever match let alone surpass GT.

This is the first time i have seen this trailer and it proves that Froza is NOT as racing simulator. All flash.

Oner3267d ago (Edited 3267d ago )

@ GVON ~ I guess the disagrees you got are from those who can't accept the truth that's coming right from Turn10...

Edit: LMFAO @ below

Information Minister3267d ago

There's a flamewar going on between GT fans and Forza fans.

Facts are irrelevant!

gaffyh3267d ago

@1.17 - That's why I said "I know you won't believe me", it's my opinion from what I've seen not fact.

I don't understand why people give into the hype of this game, it's good, probably one of the best competitors for GT, but it's not GT.

Shadow Flare3267d ago

Yeah, i mean that was the other thing. Just watch the forza trailer. .like....that. It's like watching something out of burnout. The game is just like Turn 10 themselves. Big loud shouts of YEAH We're awesome! But no substance...

Watch the maserati near the start of the trailer. If you think thats how a real car performs a reverse 180, you're having a laugh. Cars don't turn at their centre point. They turn via their wheels. And this is supposed to be a real life simulator

Giant_Enemy_Sackboy3267d ago (Edited 3267d ago )

is cgi http://forums.forzamotorspo... hahahah u got ownd
to the guy below me the answer is no is doesnt the cgi trailer look far better than the in game

Why dis3267d ago (Edited 3267d ago )

The graphics in the real game look better than the render trailer for E3. They passed the old render lol whats your points?

ShabzS3267d ago (Edited 3267d ago )

plaguing the forza articles with the gt 5 non sense... my god guys get a life ... let the forza fans have a decent discussion ... we're all gamers here...

Shadow Flare3267d ago

lol it was all cgi. 'Just an example of what you can do with the video editor' lol

"But teh game looks amazing, tis betta den gt5"


7ero H3LL3267d ago (Edited 3267d ago )

"I don't know why you kids think this game could ever match let alone surpass GT."

you sound so childish your self, graphics is one of many things that forza 3 offers, customization of videos and vehicles is what turn 10 wanted the main topic to be, the freedom to create, and that is what gt lacks and even polyphony them selves said that in comparison to the forza franchise long ago, and they still like it now with this new installment in development.

whether you guys don't want to admit that forza3 is a nice game means sh!t to me, but i believe you guys should stop with this stupid fanboyish chatter with your chin's held high and what not, cause it's looking so obvious what your intentions are.

Information Minister3267d ago

Kotaku gets their facts wrong once again.

Raul_73267d ago

GT5's was much better and more mature imo.

Why dis3267d ago

Forza 3 smokes any Sim on consoles thus far. lol

DecayingMadness3267d ago (Edited 3267d ago )

if anyone here had even bothered to look at editors that come with some PC games you would know that like in Crysis you can use a track view to set up your own scenes by placing key frames and moving what you want to animate, it basically allows you to make your own animations in game then other effects can be added to further improve the visuals such as locking particle effects to the tires during turns that will follow the car. so basically everything is on a pre-determined path along with the cameras that follow the cars, so in simple terms everything is in game just not possible to do without the right tools.

Edit: only an ignorant PS3 fanboy would disagree I never said this was fact just a very possible way to formulate this type of scene

Shadow Flare3267d ago

Ok now i can see why Turn 10 have been having such a go at GT5 lol. I just watched the in-game Forza footage that Why Dis linked to in 1.34 and then i watched the GT5 trailer and if you watch them both in HD on a good screen, Forza does not hold a candle to GT5. Seriously just watch them one after the other.

Forza 3 - #1.34
Gran Turismo 5 - #1.27
Confirmation this articles trailer is all cgi - #1.26

Yeah, Turn 10, you're all talk

I have to say forza 3 does look decent though. Just don't compare it to gt5

Rhoic3267d ago

Where are the mods? Get these backwoods PS3 fans out of here.

cmrbe3267d ago

but after constantly hearing about Froza 3 being better than GT i had to check it out but man what a joke.

If you folks believe that racing cars move like this with this kind of physics in real life then i really do feel sorry for you peeps. You people have been playing way to many arcade racing video games.

If you can't drive one just go watch an episode of Top Gear to see how real car moves with real physics in real life then see how PD do it with GT.

This trailer is a complete joke and I can't believe that Turn 10 are saying that Froza 3 is a driving simulator.

To GT fans. Now that you guys have seen it lets leave this game alone. Its a complete joke that people are even comparing this game to GT. No wonder Yamauchi dosen't even acknowledge Froza. Its a freaking arcade racer.

Rhoic3267d ago (Edited 3267d ago )

No.. the reason he doesn't support it is because he cant release his damn game on time. If Forza 3 gets a good average like Forza 2 did, then this "arcade racer" competes quite well with Gran Turismo 5.

Gran Turismo lost its place as soon as they started to ignore what the gamers wanted. Gran Turismo Moble was announced when the PSP first came out and its only now they have said its going to be released. Sony's incompetence and disregard for fans has damaged its reputation. GT5 will rock but there are games like Project Gotham and Forza that have moved people away from the Gran Turismo brand.

So... get your ass out of here. Nobody cares about what you have to say, because in the end, people will be playing Forza Motorsport 3 and not Gran Turismo 5 unfortunately.

iDystopia3267d ago

Forza 3 looks soooo good. :)

prunchess3267d ago (Edited 3267d ago )

But it's hardly "Mind-Blowing". Kotaku going a bit OTT here. LOL

Gives the impression Forza's an arcade racer more than anything else.

phosphor1123267d ago

No one is saying you can't do J-Turns, its the fact that there is NO SLOWDOWN, no evidence of initial momentum to get turn going, none of that, that is what the problem is. Even GVON said, quoted and linked saying that it is a CG render.

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shocky163267d ago

Such amazing graphics. I never knew the 360 had this kinda raw power!

RememberThe3573267d ago

This is what you get when you create an engine for the 360. I can't wait to see more of this game. The car editor looks freaking addictive.

Foxgod3267d ago (Edited 3267d ago )

LOL, look at all those disagree, because he said the 360 got raw power.
And yet the trailer is up there that in turn proves the disagree'ers wrong.

The agree/ disagree system needs to be removed from this site, its an illness thats infecting this sites integrity.
And in the end only chases xbox fans away, tnx to the overwhelming amount of frustrated ps3boys.

xhi43267d ago

take your blindfolds off and take a look at what is TRUE raw power

thats what I call raw power.......not half rendered arcade racers. LOL

JOLLY13267d ago (Edited 3267d ago )

look at those cardboard cut-out trees! There are only 4 of them and they aren't even 3d ashamed! Static jpeg background.....snores..

Arnon3267d ago (Edited 3267d ago )

Forza Motorsport 3:



You should be on your other account; GraphicsWhore. It suits you better. Even though that picture looks absolutely terrible compared to some of the others.

You know what's the coolest thing of all, is the fact that it was done in only 2 years.

Watch the first video on here:

Dread3267d ago (Edited 3267d ago )


listen troll, ur little pic does not look better than forza. They both look amazing!

i know that sony fangirls have been talking for about the past four years about how good grand tourismo is going to be (if ever released). But why the hate.. have some respect. I have not heard a single xbox fan hating on Grand tourismo. yet the fangirls in the sony camp cannot stop hating.

u r giving sony fans a bad name. (in fact lots of n4g extremists are giving honest sony fans a bad name. All the disagrees at Omegas comment support my contention)

Foxgod3267d ago

omg, i didnt see those forza shots yet.

The Master Chief3267d ago

Xhi4 sorry dude but Arnon's screens of Forza 3 looks better than yours of GT5, easily.

Oner3267d ago

That's not from GT5 it's either from GTHD the 07 PSN demo OR GT5P. But for those who don't believe here's a few more ;)

My Fav ~

LONEWOLF2313267d ago


lol WTF is that???
That game looks like ****.

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ichimaru3267d ago

wow i doubted if it was in-game but WOW! why can't other games push the 360 like this?

Elven63267d ago

According to Microsoft, going forward they all wil! It made a big splash on N4G a few months ago, I think the title was something like "Future Xbox 360 exclusives will look better then Killzone 2" or something.

MegaMohsi3267d ago

It's because most 360 exclusives have used a 3rd party engine(mainly the UE 3) which while optimizations are great, doesn't really fully harness the power of the 360. Turn 10 is using their own engine and have worked with the xbox/360 for a while now, if Microsoft had more 1st/2nd party studios, they would have more games that truly showed the power of the 360 just like the PS3 has games like Uncharted, Killzone 2 etc etc

I did not murder him3267d ago (Edited 3267d ago )

Microsoft hired a multi thread guru to help use more of the 360's power a year or so ago. Better engines and new multi threaded engines are coming out and devs are getting better at it. The true Multi threaded engines are just now starting to appear examples are Alan Wake, Lost Planet 2, Forza 3.

Elven63267d ago

IDNMH: Where did you hear that? About the engineer?

Arnon3267d ago

I always knew that the 360 had more power than Gears of War. The Unreal Engine 'ain't got sh!t on' the Forza Engine. Let alone Alan Wake.

green3267d ago

"Top engine programmer, Corrine Yu (described by some as the female John Carmack), has already left her former employee, Gearbox, to sign up at MGS while her husband, Kenneth Scott, formerly id Software’s art director, is also to join the growing dream-team."

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KoB4EMvPi3267d ago


Now i can upload my Drifting Videos using this video Editor..


table3267d ago

haha I love what kotaku said,

"you just watched forza3 car porn in motion fom kotaku"