Crispy Gamer: E3 2009: The Five: God of War III Preview

The Skinny: Kratos' next-generation debut is set to bow in March 2010. The PlayStation 3 exclusive is directed by Stig Asmussen and follows Kratos' ongoing quest for revenge against the Gods.

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Rainstorm813353d ago (Edited 3353d ago )

You sir are not journalist or a Gamer

"God of War III is pretty, but it ain't that pretty"

"Despite the sense of scale made possible by the PlayStation 3, I didn't detect a proportionally grander sense of awe or amazement flowing from the game."

"My biggest ongoing gripe with Kratos is that guy is a serious one-note Charlie...................Beca use right now Kratos is rapidly become a parody of himself."

"I never thought that high-definition gaming could detract from gameplay, but I noticed that playing God of War III on a widescreen display made nailing Quick Time Events a little harder than they needed to be"

"The Verdict: Not exactly legendary. "

Coke is a hell of a drug CRISPY Gamer

360DownINflames3353d ago

Where is the potatoes Kratos!