Gamertell Review: Class of Heroes for PSP

Gamertell has posted a positive review of Atlus' PSP game, Class of Heroes.

From the review:

"The nostalgia factor is strong in Class of Heroes. It, like other Atlus games The Dark Spire and Etrian Odyssey, is reminiscent of a time when first-person, dungeon crawlers ruled. For the most part, you imagine your own story, motivations and personalities for characters. While there are missions to accept and complete, there are no grand goals. It's more about growth and exploration. Discovering every nook of the dungeons, engineering god-like warriors and forging all sorts of useful equipment.

The tragedy is that many people are going to shrug off or condemn Class of Heroes because they don't understand it and aren't willing to put the necessary time into playing it. If you're expecting to jump into the game and conquer the first few classes within the span of one or two hours, you're doomed to fail."

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