IndustryGamer: Prince of Persia Producer on Lessons Learned and Why the Game Skipped Wii

IndustryGamer writes: "Ubisoft's Prince of Persia released late last year to critical acclaim, and the game has sold well for the French publisher as well, totaling over 2.2 million units worldwide. As highly rated as this reinvention of the Prince of Persia franchise was, the game took a fair share of criticism too. Many complained about it being too easy or too repetitive and others didn't like the controversial ending."

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Dellis3267d ago

Hopefully now that the engine is done and does put output some amazing visuals, now take the AC2 devs approach and add variety.

Cunnin-English3267d ago

There just really wasnt really any depth in the combat in the new POP, u could kill practically any enemy in the game when u combined your moves with elikas plus u only ever fought one at a time which was disappointment.

If they reinstated the sands of time feature, dropped all the cheesy lines from the story and tryed to mirror the freedom of platforming in Assasins Creed they could be onto something good.

I did however love the look of the game but hated the way they tacked on that additional piece of dlc which should have been included in the final copy and travelling back to collect them light seeds things gets very repetitive.