Gamepro: Prototype review

For most of us, walking around a crowded metropolis is a hellish experience. Being surrounded on all sides by jostling people, honking cars and immense buildings can make you feel powerless and trapped. Prototype's virtual Manhattan also seethes with a veritable wall of humanity -- along with soldiers, infected creeps, and other menaces -- but Alex Mercer is anything but an ordinary pedestrian. For him, the madding crowd isn't an annoying fact of life: it's an all-you-can-eat buffet.

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ElementX3390d ago

Looks to be a worthwhile game, afterall. I had a feeling it would be at least decent, now I know.

GWAVE3390d ago

Yeah. This game is getting far better reviews than I expected, which is good (I mean, who in their right mind would want a game to be BAD?)

Great for PS3 owners. First, inFamous (the first AAA title of the summer). And now, Prototype. And hopefully, the new Red Faction also delivers.

table3390d ago

Red Faction is a total sleeper hit. It's getting great reviews but that hasn't turned any heads for some reason.

ElementX3390d ago

I bought Red Faction with Best Buy reward zone cash (from my TV purchase) so I got it for free. I've been busy with inFAMOUS but I let my neighbor play it a bit, it looks really cool. I can't wait to start Red Faction and Prototype

ChampIDC3390d ago

I had my concerns with no demo and a review embargo, but I'm quite happy that it turned out well. I gotta find out if the PC version has any issues or not, because I'd rather pay $50 and get it on Steam.

rockleex3390d ago

The Red Faction reviews?

And why are people disagreeing with GWAVE? He didn't say anything fanboyish at all. O_o

Tito Jackson3389d ago

Red Faction is awesome. But this article is about Prototype, which I have been excited about for a while.
I've never really trusted reviews, personally. I'll buy it it though, for sure. :)

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The Captain3390d ago

Is waiting at EB... They called to let me know.

himdeel3390d ago

...but it's just down right unusual that there aren't more reviews for this game posted yet. Well I take that back, E3 was last week but still it just seems a bit odd.

This month I've chosen not to purchase any new games so I will rent this ASAP. The only bad thing about renting and not using Gamefly or some other game rental service is that I have to beat the game as fast as I can so I don't accrue any late fees :(

ChampIDC3390d ago

They had a review embargo on this one, and I guess it wasn't big enough of a release for more than 1 publication to break that embargo. There's been one review on Metacritic for about a week now. It seems the major sites are lagging behind a little to release their reviews today, though.

DevilishSix3390d ago

Everyone needs to chill out on the "why isn't there Prototype reviews BS", It has alot to do with E3 just finishing on Friday, alot of these sites just started sitting down to play the game over the weekend or Monday. I know the guys at GaintBomb said in their Bombcast that a copy of Prototype was waiting for them when E3 was over.

Give sites a chance to recoup from E3 and start reviewing again, k.

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really duh3390d ago

It will probably get 9's and 10's from non pro Sony media assuming they still feel the need to defend Infamous.

Unicron3390d ago

Hypocrite. For someone who complains about when people troll 360 threads, you sure do jump quickly on the slam Sony bandwagon.

GG son.

really duh3390d ago

Why do you think PS3 fans are attracted to Prototype articles more than most others?

Unicron3390d ago

Fans? Maybe because the game is on the PS3? Maybe because its another kickass openworld superhero game, a genre that hasn't been too packed lately?

So, I dunno, maybe fans are interested in the title.

Unless in all of your generalizing you are talking about FANBOYS, which are STUPID by nature/definition, regardless of if they love their wittle PS3s or Wiis or Xbox 360s. But you go being big bad Mr defender of the MS generation, dropping to the level of other idiots. That's clearly the smart thing to do.

Cajun Chicken3390d ago

Because they can get BOTH GAMES on the SAME SYSTEM and both seem GOOD?

TheBand1t3390d ago

Yep, brag about a multiplatform title. PS3 owners will get to play both, k?

Get over yourself, dude.

lokiroo4203390d ago

How about this really duh, we just remove those bubbles, so you dont have to worry about fanboys anymore.

Major Kanimo3390d ago

where is the funny video comment?!

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