D&D Online Going Free-to-Play this Summer writes: "Turbine has announced that D&D Online is going free-to-play with the new Dungeons & Dragons Online: Eberron Unlimited upgrade. This upgrade will be released this Summer. If you are a current DDO subscriber you will be made a DDO VIP at launch which includes several benefits. Of course, if you are a non-paying customer you will have severe game limitations in the classes available to you as well as being locked out of using specific items but that comes with the..."

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ahnonamis3357d ago

Awesome news about DDO, but awful way to share the news on N4G. I hate when sites just write two quick sentences, copy and paste a press release, and then do nothing more.

What this article completely ignores are what free and paying players get. If you play for free, you can't use Warforged or Drow races, the Monk (and other advanced) classes, and characters can't progress outside of Stormreach. In addition, chat, storage, and auction functions are "limited" and free players will receive 0 customer service support from Turbine.

Outside of the free vs paying update, the new version's also going to add DX10 support and new areas, a new class, and a higher level cap.

And this comment is now 4x as long as their news post.

Bob Dole3357d ago

Bob Dole played DnD with some dice...

FinalomegaS3357d ago

The drama on there was getting out of hand with my clan and others. Seems that internal clan fighting and other raids were killing my social life.

was fun back then... now it's free... Most MMOs if not all should be free. Paying members should have bonus stuff though.

Baka-akaB3357d ago (Edited 3357d ago )

I ignored that game back then for one single reason .

I didnt want oberon but the Old AD&D settings . I was quite pissed back then at the weird trend of dumbing down paper rpgs in their newest versions , and resetting them in an alternative universe ... like it happened almost at the same time , with D&D , Vampire , Werewolf and basically anything TSR and whitewolf

But now i'll try it since it's free and looks pretty enough

NotSoSilentBob3357d ago

This game is still around? I played it at launch and I thought it was an abomination. Turbine only cashed in on DnD making a come back but now that 4th edition is out people are seeing that Wizards of the Coast are just milking people.