InFamous: Lightning Strikes the PS3 (

Sucker Punch Studios has struck gold with inFamous in their first attempt at this new IP. This is a time where a new IP is a rare thing and so many of those new IP's are half assed such as Gears of War, Mirrors Edge and Assassins Creed. InFamous joins the likes of Bioshock, Dead Space and Uncharted in the very rare original IP that comes off as a solid game.

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WildArmed3388d ago

stop posing these reviews! xD
You might hurt the prototype fanboys.. they still have on 1 or 2 review to go on and the game is out today.

wtf! the reviews of it should be out.. i wanted 2 get that game.
well i'll just go play it at my friends house, he has it on PC

raztad3388d ago

inFAMOUS is a delight to play. I'm doing every side mission and progressing very slowly trough the story, I dont mind to invest all the time in this game, its really the best open world action game so far, for me at least.

Btw, I hope prototype does good, but indeed the lack of reviews is very worrying. I've even seen reviews of UC2 beta, how comes almost none prototype review thus far.

paracardium3388d ago

InFamous is indeed a game worth taking your time and playing.It's all around a good time.

cmrbe3388d ago

I am fairly sure we will see it in late 2010 or early 2011.