Modern Warfare 2 Iterations of Nuance

Kotaku writes: "Modern Warfare 2 is a game loaded with detail. After watching the game play for Modern Warfare 2 during Microsoft's press conference, I had a chance to watch the same section played through again at Activision's booth. This time I paid closer attention to all of the little details, and there were plenty of them to note."

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Cinotix3358d ago

This game is going to be amazing, IW got a nice couple of years to get some good stuff in.

WengYong3358d ago

However the enemy AI seemed to be somewhat lacking. I watched the clip and noticed when you shoot an enemy inside a building his friend does nothing; its another easy kill. And also the brutal take down the enemy just let you do it with no resistance or even surprise.

Will be a good game, but please up the AI to be more realistic

Ziriux3358d ago

I'm sure they figure, no one gives a crap after beating the SP player after that. It's all about focusing on the MP to IW I'm sure and they do a wonderful job.

Xeall3358d ago

Modern warfare while epic in scale always kept the action within belivable contrants. The new game looks to be a bit more fantastic, with takedowns and scenes looking more like a hollywood blockbuster than a realistic pulse pounding thriller of a game. I can say what I like about my impressions of the campaign, but I already know the multiplayer will keep me hooked for atleast 12 months. Thats why the game alone is worth the cash I will part with

Sharingan_no_Kakashi3358d ago

It's not like they were smart in COD4. R2 had some really dumb AI and that game was ridiculously hard.