Could Ghostbusters spark import rush?

An analysis of whether Ghostbusters 360 being region free will make a difference to PAL users.

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PhDInParapsychology3323d ago

I don't see it making a big difference, although if I lived in a PAL region I would import it so who knows.

TheHater3323d ago

The Xbox 360 isn't region free. The PS3 is region free. So if you do import it, it will not play.

deshon093323d ago

thay can not play the us version so still screwed

Gamer_Politics3323d ago

the xbox 360 version has been confirmed to be region free..but really who cares?

PhDInParapsychology3323d ago

I don't think that it works like that. For example The Real Ghostbusters Complete Collection DVD (yes I love all things Ghostbusters) is not sold outside the US, but is region free. So fans in the UK and elsewhere are able to buy it and play it on their DVD players.

Gamer_Politics3323d ago

i dont see this game being that huge in the first really doubt people out in EU would really care about importing Ghostbusters

mrv3213323d ago

It's ghostbusters, It's against the low NOT to care.

But seriously region locked is pointless like DRM... or ITV news

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