RPGFan: Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Review

RPGFan has the first English review of the import DS title Kingdom Hearts 358/2.

"Nobody would have guessed that the product of Square Enix and Disney's unholy tryst would have even taken off, not to mention make a big a splash as it did, but here we are, seven years after the original game launched, and it's become another one of Square Enix's multitude of cash cows. Regardless of how one feels of Square Enix (or Disney) as a company, however, the Kingdom Hearts series always provided a decent gameplay experience at the very least and provided enough material for a respectable, if not reasonably well written, story."

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ShadowYuri3331d ago

This review let me see what I expected about this game; I think I'll enjoy it when this is released next september! Thanks!

SpoonyRedMage3331d ago

Cool. Can't wait for this game!

TheColbertinator3331d ago

w00t.I hope I can get a DSi in time for this.My DS Phat has worn out its welcome

-GametimeUK-3331d ago

I am sure you will love upgrading from the DS phat... hopefully you will be enjoying this game on a DSi :-) I however will deffo be playing this on my Lite

Rockxy3330d ago

This game makes me sick, all the guys have butts like women : /

gumgum993330d ago

I'm looking forward to this game as well. The graphics are just amazing. They resemble the PS2's graphics almost identically.