Forza 3 to provide access to players of all skill levels

Forza 3 will feature a number of ways for car fans of any skill level to play the game. Ars Technica explores how Turn 10 wants to get your children into the art of racing games.

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It appeals to the Hardcore with all its myriad of options and customization and the casuals because it can also be a 'pick up and play' game too.

Excellent work Turn 10.

Brixxer6003353d ago

I totally agree , for me Forza is the best racing franchise , when i get bored of the racing there is still so much more to do , the difficulty options are one of the best features, nearly everyone can complete the single player career mode without getting stuck and frustrated at any time.

y0haN3353d ago

You can pick up and play Gran Turismo too, I don't see why Forza is so special?

Brixxer6003353d ago

At first i'd agree but the difficulty level in GT hits frustration levels when you get to "pro" , unless you nail a perfect lap every time you'll get battered by cars in the corners and they just fly past , it leaves me gnashing my teeth in anger. In Forza you can set the AI level to easy and have all assists off , means that you don't get the frustration levels and you can complete the game.