Gamedaily: Master Chief, Where Art Thou?

Gamedaily writes: "This past winter, Microsoft took a bold step releasing Halo Wars, the first game in the popular franchise without Master Chief. Now it plans to do it again with Halo 3: ODST, a prequel with a new hero, The Rookie. That begs the question, does the series actually need the Chief? Here are five reasons ODST doesn't need the big green lug, and five reasons it does. Let us know which camp you're in."

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Hiruma Youchi3178d ago (Edited 3178d ago )

The halo universe is huge and its about Soldiers not just about Master Chief. Plus Im pretty sure Master chief will be in reach.

Reibooi3178d ago

I'm pretty sure you are right about master chief being in Reach but I don't think he will be the Main character. In that point in the time line he is still more or less the rookie if it's based on The Fall of Reach like alot of people think it is which it must be seeing as it's about the planet Reach.

Rhezin3178d ago

instead of being the ULTIMATE badass, they're going to put you in the shoes of just an elite soldier, without and super human strengths or refelxes. I think the silenced weapons and light vision visor are really cool also.


However its like Starwars without Darth Vader - sure theres still loads going on and massive amounts of stories to explore and get lost in but with Vader in it - its magical......same with the Chief.

Personally speaking i feel that he's one of the best characters of any video game ever,such an icon - and going against Mario,Link,Snake etc thats saying something -

then again ive read the Halo books and it certainly does make you 'feel' more for the character.