Left 4 Dead 2 Gameplay Footage

IncGamers is broadcasting in-game footage from L4D2.

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Leord3175d ago

Looks pretty good, but SO much like L4D1!

narked3175d ago

point i have been trying to prove ? worth the 50 euro for same stuff yet so close?

beans3175d ago

Yeah they do look a like, but there's no denying that this looks much better. The lighting, shadows, guns and details to the world are a pretty impressive jump. I can't believe it's only taking a year to make a game like this. It even feels scary this time except for the fact that they were playing it on easy. Day one for me

Rainstorm813175d ago

This game looks absolutly horrible.

Dead Island for X360 (look it up)

thats the zombie game L4D should be

Monchichi0253175d ago

Can't freakin wait for this game! First day buy for me!!

irish-leprecaun3175d ago

l4d on those pc,s actually looks quite good!!! i havnt bought a pc game in years but as i only have a ps3 if this or splinter cell turns out any good i may by my 1st pc game in 5yrs!!

The Master Chief3175d ago

Remember how it took Valve 4-5 years to release the first L4D game?? They probably were building both or maybe even 3...and will release them in a row. L4D is sooo much fun on XBL.

ThanatosDMC3175d ago

They even used HL2 chairs... L4D is always at night. L4D2 is just the morning/afternoon version.

Kaneda3175d ago

Groundbreaking of Gabe fatness :P

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syrinx3175d ago

Nice. Now we can see what all the fuss has been about. Too similar to L4D 1?

AndyA3175d ago

Not sure where I stand on the L4D2 debate. On the one hand, it looks (and plays) like more of the same. But, the new setting and melee weapons look interesting.

TheIneffableBob3175d ago

Most sequels tend to play like their predecessors.

Fyzzu3175d ago

Eee the more I see about this, the more I want it.

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The story is too old to be commented.