AT&T not so excited about the iPhone 3G S

At last Apple put the prolific rumours of the updated iPhone hardware to bed at the WWDC, when it revealed the details on the iPhone 3G S.

Pocket Gamer reports: "While it's not a massive difference to the current iPhone model, at least to the end user, developers are quite excited about the extra freedom that the slightly updated specs will offer them from a game design perspective.

And that's something that is likely to encourage current users to upgrade. We already took a look at the unwelcome news from O2, that its loyal iPhone users will have to pay nasally to get the upgrade, but even that appears to be a step up from what US iPhoners are facing.

The new model comes with the 3.0 software pre-installed, and that means MMS is finally on board. More of a surprise was the addition of seamless USB and Bluetooth tethering, making for two features that iPhone users have been vying for since day one.

But AT&T won't be providing these features any time soon; even if you just shelled out $499 to get the hardware upgrade."

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PS360WII3393d ago

Yeah because the 3GS shows the pitfalls of AT&T -.- no teethering and MMS not out at the launch of 3.0.... what the hey?

njr3393d ago (Edited 3393d ago )

Come on apple, cut the chain.

0verdrive3393d ago

all of these problems have already been solved by the hacking scene a long time ago.

unlock your phone for any provider
mms messaging programs

have been addressed for a long time now, months, maybe even more than a year ago. just jailbreak and unlock your iphone, already. its crazy how much more the iphone does when the community can get a hold of it.

WhittO3392d ago

So true, here in the UK the iphone is on network 02 and they support all of these features at launch, really Apple should do something since the entire US market will not have these features at launch but other places around the world do ?!

Have to say AT&T seem to have bad rep everywhere i read!!

Kevin McCallister3393d ago

If you're on Verizon and you've wanted an iPhone, your wait will soon be over. I'm pretty confident that AT&T's latest fiasco will cause Apple to seek additional carriers when that exclusive contract is up next year.

Sitdown3393d ago

that Apple and Verizon were already talking..........especially since the rumor is that Apple was originally wanting to come to Verizon, but Verizon wanted to brand it.

Kevin McCallister3393d ago

Yep, that's what happened. If Apple and Verizon hadn't reached a deal before yesterday though, they're certainly in negotiations now. Apple is still not going to let them brand the iPhone in any kind of way, but after seeing how successful the phone is, I don't think Verizon will care.

Sitdown3393d ago

does not cripple the phone, as they often like to do..............with that said, I would consider getting one if it came to Verizon.

angel6043393d ago

since my contract is up next year ill wait, by then mms should be here (they said end of summer) so i can wait, but if its on verizon next year im def making the switch

IdleLeeSiuLung3393d ago

Although, I don't care much for Apple, the iPhone is awesome. However, it is not a $100/month awesome for me....

To iPhone owners, can you tether your laptop to the iPhone without jailbreaking?

AstroZombie13393d ago

Anyone feel free to correct me if i'm wrong but this feature will be available on OS 3.0 when it launches June 17th for supporting Carriers.

0verdrive3393d ago

just jailbreak, it opens up so many doors.

i was hesitant at first, but in retrospect, i was a complete idiot. trust me after you jailbreak you feel like you have a brand new device. it makes the stock iphone feel as useful as a razr lol.

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