IncGamers: Transformers Revenge of the Fallen Multiplayer Preview

IncGamers spoke to production co-ordinator Mike Meija about the three main areas for improvement in the sequel and also got hands-on with the multiplayer game.

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thetamer3270d ago

I'll tell you what, this game does seem to work a lot better!

50CALheadshot3270d ago

its because megan fox gained like 10 pounds for the movie, making her curves look even better...............yummy

Fyzzu3270d ago

Can't be much worse than the first, at least...

50CALheadshot3270d ago

is that ever a understatement

Leord3270d ago

"We had missiles and guns at our disposal and we were also shown how to incorporate attacks into our transformations, as we converted from plane to robot in mid air in order to pull off a pretty devastating ground slam."

Pretty cool!

Most adaptations suck, this sounds ok!

Maticus3270d ago

Glad to see they've worked on the multiplayer aspect of this.