Punch Jump: Xbox 360 Project Natal vs. PS3 Motion Controller

It's the latest battle in the console wars. Two heavyweights. Two technology concepts. Both underdogs to the current heavyweight champ that is Nintendo Co. Ltd. Punch Jump takes a look at whether Project Natal for Microsoft Corp.'s Xbox 360 or the Motion Controller for Sony Corp.'s Playstation 3 can deliver the stronger knockout punch.

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cmrbe3324d ago

Both are late to ever have a chance at wii mote. Both also needed to come standard with the console to have a chance.

However the difference between the two is Sony's is cheap, more applicable, will be first to the market and has enough game studios to create games for it.

ChozenWoan3324d ago (Edited 3324d ago )

From what I've seen, the controllers will be able to work with existing games just minus the motion tracking. This means that Devs can make games work just as before and make motion tracking optional. This will reduce the resources needed to integrate the PSLightsticks into upcoming games.

snaz273324d ago

have you already bought wiis then? if not why not? to be honest im just shaking my head at all this stuff, its just cos sony and ms have seen nintendos profits and they want a piece of the pie, but the casual gamer already knows ehat the wii does and they know how it works etc, i dont think they would have a clue about the ps3, or 360 and nor would they care! so in that respect it wont work!, for me i say just give me some cool psn features, drop motion controll and work on psn!

Thugbot1873323d ago

I think a common misconception is linking each of the companies’ goals together. Sony and Nintendo’s view for the motion control strictly revolves around games. For Nintendo the motion control is really the main appeal of the system making it a novelty and a topic of conversation to anyone that comes over, and it has that fitness type posh appeal to it (I game but I don’t just sit there with a controller I move around so somehow I’m cooler).

Sony views it more like there is a part of the gaming market we don’t want to miss out on. At the same time Sony proves it can do what the Wii can do and do it better and in HD. Hopefully it will allow Sony to gain some of those exclusives that went to the Wii just because the developers were designing for the controller. I believe they are in a very standoffish role but this could change depending on support by fans and developers.

Microsoft view of Natal is entirely different and I think misunderstood. Microsoft is trying to set its self up with that Nintendo novelty factor. One side which is not really looked at is Microsoft is gearing this to be a big part of your living room. The way it interacts with you and you it, example is the girl with the dress her friend picked out. They also have it interacting a lot more with your avatars. While it is agreed this will not replace controllers, Natal will add a new type of gaming to the mix and attract a new crowd. Microsoft is behind this 100%, and you can bet a better version of it will be included in the Xbox 720, so I believe Microsoft will take a hit for it now and sell at a lower cost then what it cost to make it. This honestly is an evolution of the motion controllers and not really the something.

Stationfan3323d ago

I want it for certain games, Maybe a game like Siren blood curse, your left wand is the flashlight the right is your gun,