Sony's John Koller talks about PS3 Slim rumors

ARS: The one rumor that was floating around the gaming press before E3 that didn't come true was the possibility of the PS3 slim being announced. We say it's coming in a few months, once Sony has cleared the retail channels of the existing hardware. We asked Sony's director of Hardware Marketing, John Koller, about the rumor, and he had some words for the "story."

"If [the coverage] focuses more on leaks or what may or may not happen then yes, there is a certain amount of frustration. I think we have a tremendous story to tell today, and I think the path that we're trying to lead is much different than Microsoft or Nintendo. We view a little bit of a different future," Koller told Ars. "Who's going to get to the future first? I think that's a more interesting story than 'I found some packaging in China that may or may not...' you know, personally I don't see that as a story."

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DlocDaBudSmoka3392d ago

i wish these ps3 slim rumors would just dissipate already.

Mr Face Creamer3392d ago

They better announce this by September because I'm kind of losing patience.

ukilnme3392d ago

I don't really care to see a PS3 Slim. I just need Sony to slim down the price so I can buy another PS3 for my office.

Chaos Striker3391d ago

hmm, judging by the description that Ars gave concerning Koller's body expressions, it seems that he is lying or avoiding the topic as much as possible. I'm only basing this on my previous experience of watching and learning about people's body expressions. I guess we'll see what comes out of this down the road.