Gaming Union: inFamous Review

Gaming Union writes: "inFamous ends where it begins, but the rest is up to you. Dropped into the shoes of Cole McGrath, inFamous starts off with a bang, rather, a massive eruption of power exploding from within Empire City. Without any further premise, gameplay commences immediately with Cole waking up at the epicentre of the blast and making his way to safety. This passage sets the stage as the game holds little back in terms of narrative, visuals and quickly instilling gameplay mechanics in the hands of players."

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mephman3388d ago

It's a really good game, it's just not a really great game.

Selyah3388d ago

Kinda inclined to agree, I mean I had a lot of fun with it but its not really left a major lasting impression.

unrealgamer583388d ago

i gotta disagree i loved it