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Valkyria Chronicles sales increase 400% in April, reveals importance of price cut

Joystiq.com writes: Perhaps the old adage "better late than never" applies well here. Valkyria Chronicles, Sega's PS3 exclusive SRPG, earned heaps of critical praise, but never garnered sales worthy of its caliber. Six months after the game's release, Sega is reporting a 400% sales increase in April (versus March), with a sellthrough that nearly matches what the game had during its original release. (Culture, PS3, Valkyria Chronicles)

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ifhd  +   2274d ago
got it for 70$ and I will pay 70$ again if I need 2.
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TheTwelve  +   2274d ago
Agreed. There is a God. Every now and then, the good guys win.

IdleLeeSiuLung  +   2274d ago
So basically they doubled their sales on this game, by chopping the price in half they sold 4 times as much. Maybe other games will follow in it's footsteps.
KillaManiac  +   2274d ago
Bought this game day 1 it was out and I don't regret it for a second. It is truly a GREAT RPG with an awesome story.

I hope this makes Sega want to make a #2 since they also now are making a anime on this game in Japan.
Carl1412  +   2274d ago
I actually bought it in the Boxing Day sales here in the UK and only paid £20 for it, but looking back i would have gladly paied much more One of the best games that noones has heard of.

Good for SEGA that they're selling more
FamilyGuy  +   2274d ago
I wish games would simply RELEASE at a lower price point than the $60 average. $40-$50 PS3/360 would have people a lot less foogle with which games they pickup, people will take more risk and buy more games then everybody wins.
Foliage  +   2274d ago
It's hard to rate new RPGs alongside the classics, but this one is in my top five without a doubt. Incredible game, with an incredible amount of replayability. I always feel like throwing this game on.
2Negative  +   2274d ago
Every now and then a truly fun and interesting game comes along. While PS3 has had a few already. I must say that Valkyria Chronicles is my favorite so far.

Paid $59.99 plus tax for it and it is worth every penny.
menoyou  +   2274d ago
this game rocks, i highly recommend it
Defectiv3_Detectiv3  +   2274d ago
Does this game have Trophy Support yet
I played it back when it first came out, I think if they added trophies alot more people would play it.
Trebius  +   2274d ago
lol you said foogle...

@topic I havent bought this game yet, but will now...I'm always open to a new RPG experience...especially if it doesnt run me 70 bucks. :)
JL  +   2274d ago
I loved this game. Granted i was late to the party, but after hearing about it so much for a while i ended up picking it up at a discounted price at walmart one night and wow am i glad i did. this game was amazing. great fun, the story was very good. just all around great. the only thing is: i do still harbor a lil resentment towards this game because (and i'll fess up to it) the bastards made me cry. i hated them for that lol. i won't give away any spoilers just in case, but for those that played it, they know what i'm talking about.
andron666  +   2274d ago
I paid full price and don't regret it...
Great game with lot of content...
arika  +   2274d ago
me i got it for 30 bucks, but i will gladly pay 70 bucks for this game, now that i know how great this game has turned out to be. i'm a little saddened because i'm almost on the last part of the game. i hope they make valkyria 2 soon because i will miss this game once i'm done with it.
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ultimolu  +   2274d ago
I need to get back to this game dammit. Too many games to beat...x.x;
CotieD  +   2274d ago
I know what you mean... I'm in the same boat. Just started playing again this week after a few months and I'm glad I did. The story is really picking up and I'm finding it hard to but down.

I'm only on Chapter 13 btw. Not sure how many there are...
Obama  +   2274d ago
I beated the game 2 times already :3, totally worth it.
lovedaddy  +   2274d ago
hopefully they will repay peoples good will by adding things like trophy support
Keith Olbermann  +   2274d ago
I love this game and wish...oh how I wish, it had trophies.
Armyless  +   2274d ago
If this game had trophy support...
It would move immediately to the very top of my "next purchase" games. As it stands right now, there are just too many games.
The Dixie Flatline  +   2274d ago
Easily one of my favorite games this console generation.
I just downloaded the two new DLC missions; I am now back to playing this game again. "The Edy Detachment" was okay, but I really like the "Behind Her Blue Flame" mission.
Unicron  +   2274d ago
Amazing game, love it.
mastiffchild  +   2274d ago
And beautiful to boot Uni. It's a blissful experience among so many other angry and brutal games centred on warfare-how did they manage this one? That artstyle? The beach break? IDK! Great game though and completely surprised me.

A great achievement and hopefully it's improved sales will wash that Madworld sales failure taste out of Sega's mouth and propel Kenzan! and Yak3 over here sharpish!Not that Madworld deserved poor aeles, it didn't, but y'know what I mean.
spunnups  +   2274d ago
I have been begging them to add trophies for the longest time, maybe this will get their attention.
wotta  +   2274d ago
Quality Games
People need to buy this title.
San Frandisco  +   2274d ago
this game is amazing,ive got to get back into it.. ive got to many damn AA games to play tho....
sony is destroying my life lol.
raztad  +   2274d ago
Just one one, Masterpiece.

Now that the fan base is there, a sequel would sell a lot better and faster. Sega has no excuses.
foo  +   2274d ago
can't find this game anywhere, my ebgames say its discontinued..
San Frandisco   2274d ago | Spam
TheColbertinator  +   2274d ago
gambare  +   2274d ago
don't trust on ebgames, just look in any other store.
BULLETBOI  +   2274d ago
needs to see this article immediately....They can learn a thing or two about how to Develop a great RPG on the PS3....
ElementX  +   2274d ago
I bought it, however I've been too busy with more recent games :)
TheColbertinator  +   2274d ago
Thats wonderful.Its a good game that should be enjoyed by all
redsquad  +   2274d ago
I'm still trying to destroy the Bantomys!!! My lancers can't shoot in enough of a straight line to take out the side guns so my scouts get picked off trying to grenade the exhaust ports... I know I know, a poor workman blames his tools! ;)

Brilliant experience though, and it makes me want to keep trying. Who says that a game sells the most in it's first week?
cmrbe  +   2274d ago
Best RPG this gen
by a mile. Bought two copies. VC is a masterpiece.

I was really hoping they would have announced VC2 at E3.
raztad  +   2274d ago
Sadly, its too early :D. This is a game where the DLC doesnt feel like nickel and dime tactic. So, I'd very glad to see more dlc coming.

BTW, Sega+Tri Ace could bring us another awesome rpg. I hope the best for RoF.
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Razasharpz  +   2274d ago
I want this game.
But no trophy support. Not worth my time.
redsquad  +   2274d ago
Isn't a game being great enough anymore?
mastiffchild  +   2274d ago
As a crack whore won't get out of bed if there's no crack about a trophy whore won't play a game with no trophies. Fact of life,I'm afraid.
SmokingMonkey  +   2274d ago
It was in the Gamstop "Spring Sale" bin
that's why sales increased so much in April, it was literally the best game out of all the other games in those bins.LOL

I really want to try this game, but like ultimolu said, there are just too may games to play on the PS3!!!
Dick0  +   2274d ago
i guess 360 sales
increased as well leaving sony in the dust
redsquad  +   2274d ago
Get back under your bridge and eat some children, troll!
cmrbe  +   2274d ago
shows how much you know about games. Nothing.
Obama  +   2274d ago
Too bad bots won't be able to play this masterpiece. On the other hand I can always play 99% of 360 exclusives on my pc.
-MoOkS-  +   2274d ago
Good to hear. It deserves it.
No FanS Land  +   2274d ago
I've got this game since release date but haven't had that much chance to play. The flow of crazy games is endless!!!
r4nger  +   2274d ago
best game on ps3... period, glad to see its finally getting the recognition it deserves
sirbigam  +   2274d ago
Feel like im missing out
Guess I should get this game, I guess it was the demo that threw me off.
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mastiffchild  +   2274d ago
If I could give awards for the most misleading demos the VC one would win by a frikkin mile-followed by Sonic Unleashed (coincidentally another Sega game)where they tried to fool everyone into thinking that it was a new , real Sonic and didn't give any hint of the awful Werehog stuff that makes up 90% of the damn game. They took the opposite approach with VC and tried to make a great, intruguing game look boring as hell. Strange chaps at Sega.
if you dont have this game
it starts out slow like the first 20 mins....but after that its good game
redsquad  +   2274d ago
Oh, I was won over by the end of the intro movie. There was no dialogue, just images and music, yet the warmth and heart of the game shone through like a beacon.
cmrbe  +   2274d ago
Actually i loved
the pacing of VC. It allowed time to really get to know the characters and the situation they find themselves in. I loved the cutsceens as well. Reminds me of MGS4.
bym051d  +   2274d ago
Don't know how much it aided sales, but in April, Gamestop had it at $19.99 for a while.
maniacmayhem  +   2274d ago
excellent game
It deserves all of its praise.
nnotdead  +   2274d ago
this just
supports a lot of peoples thoughts on game prices. the same thing happened with L4D on Steam when it went on sale. if you make games cheaper more people are willing to take a risk with a game purchase. waisting $30 or less is easier to swallow than $60 if the game turns out bad.
Socomer 1979  +   2274d ago
I got valkiria day 1. i havent even come around to playing it yet.
as soon as i beat resident evil 5 im rocking out to some valkria, naruto ultimate ninja storm dlc and uncharted 2 this summer.
dam, they may be even more story games for me to play this summer.
supersonicsaga  +   2274d ago
I'm also
in the crowd of people that bought the game day 1 but haven't beaten it.

That's what summer is for.
DS36  +   2274d ago
An excellent game
i was enjoying mine till it got stolen but will gladly buy such a quality product again also hoping for a sequel and lets hope they dont screw it up like Xenosaga did
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