Ubisoft Already Planning Assassin's 3

Speaking to IncGamers, associate producer Vincent Pontbraind said the Assassin's Creed team were already talking about the next Assassin's Creed.

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thetamer3085d ago

A franchise that'll keep giving...!

theEnemy3084d ago

for Jade Raymond in-game though..

Polluted3085d ago

It's been planned as a trilogy from day one. They've had the story for Creed 3 laid out since the original came out. Now they're probably just starting to talk about new gameplay elements they could work in and tossing together some concept art and stuff.

leyego3085d ago

ubi has been doing a lot of games in 3's.

i wouldn't be suprised if they already have a full story spanning 3 games for the new PoP aswell.

AND its good for us gamers. AC is the sh!t.

Leord3085d ago

Early. I hope they don;t get the same response from the fans as with L4D2.

AssassinHD3085d ago

Planning and releasing are 2 different things though. I am sure planning on Assassin's Creed 2 probably started shortly after AC1 was finished.

Freak of Nature3085d ago (Edited 3085d ago )

It s a cycle...The concept art team work with the designers early on.Then the modelers take over.Most of these people's work is done early on,or even 75% of the way in,but they can now be used to start on the next project for the studio......As they finish the rest of the team continue with their jobs from that point.But a small group of concept artists,designers,modelers are free to actually start on the next build/sequel.Proto types,art,story,ideas....

Fyzzu3085d ago

If you want a series to be successful, I suppose this is the sort of thing you have to do. Although normally I'd be worried about this when the game isn't yet all that close to completion.

Omega43085d ago

Wasnt this a 'planned' trilogy? So technically they would of been planning Assassins Creed 3 since the first one.

Christopher3085d ago

Yes, the creator has written it out as a trilogy. Very old news.

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The story is too old to be commented.