Trinity: Where Golden Axe Should Be Now

Gaming Union writes "Trinity: Souls of Zill O'll, or as it's commonly known, Trinity is a new IP being produced by KOEI, the makers of the Dynasty Warriors franchise. However, while many of their games follow a similar format to the one seen in Dynasty Warriors, Trinity should is set to be a new venture for the company."

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Selyah3356d ago

sounds promising hopefully it delivers

mephman3356d ago

One of the greatest side-scrolling beat 'em ups of all time. Although Golden Axe 3 kinda sucked.

Kain813356d ago

a Greate Game you should try it out, i think its on the SEGA classics CD for PS3 and 360. but iam not sure about that.

Kyll3356d ago

Oh snap, I think I saw a friend of mine playing that actually. Perhaps I'll borrow it haha.

mephman3356d ago

You should. Golden Axe 2 is probably the best one.

specialguest3356d ago

The best part about Golden Axe was getting the dragon that shot out fireballs and beating up those little gnomes for their potions.
Gnome: gi-gi-giGi~!
Me: POW! b!tch! gimme yo potion!

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Dead_Cell3356d ago

Get out.
Just..........just get out.

AKNAA3356d ago

If this game is what golden axe should have been(fun,co-op), then I am definitely buying it!