Fishlabs: 'iPhone 3G S will push beyond PSP'

Apple's new iPhone 3G S has the potential to outdo Sony's PSP in terms of graphical capabilities.

That was the assessment of Michael Schade, CEO of the Germany-headquartered mobile phone developer Fishlabs.

Speaking to Pocketgamer, Schade reasons that the new iPhone's OpenGL 2.0 support can allow developers to craft games which will "push the iPhone beyond PSP," though he does warn that such opportunities will be resisted by financial barriers.

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sak5003324d ago

And cheaper than PSP and PSP GO.

Ju3323d ago (Edited 3323d ago )

Yeah, because you need to sign a 2 years contract. ipod touch is about the same as the Go. - ipod is the same thing as iphone, less features, no contract, but more expensive

XGRaViSmOrSX3323d ago

and then in 6 months when the features that were left out of this phone are implemented you get to "upgrade" again!!

i still wonder why people just bend over and still accept this horrible business practice that apple has seemed to adopt.

Rainstorm813323d ago

To be any kind of REAL GAMING device you will need some kind of analog or buttons because touch wont cut it.

Iphone vs. PSP = no contest They play in two different sports

PS360WII3324d ago

One of the I'll believe it when I see it. Granted right now some of these games are right in the middle of the DS and PSP in terms of graphics and with the 3GS supposedly being better in graphics and processing it is possible.

dericb113323d ago

After seeing Soul Caliber: Broken Destiny they need to show something instead of making blank promises.

D4RkNIKON3323d ago

Buttons? No buttons? Hmm they will have to do better than that. The iphone will never really compete against the PSP and or DS without buttons.. It is geared more to the casual gamer with a few spare minutes to play a pocket game. Nothing like Final Fantasy Crisis Core for PSP where you invest hours of time into completing the epic story and gameplay. Touch screen is a gimmick, although it is awesome, it has it's limitations.

Ju3323d ago

Even if it is. iphone is no console. So what now, you can have apps which can run on the new iphone but not on the old one ? That'll make a couple of people happy. Exactly what you don't want to do if you build a pure gaming device.

STK0263323d ago

Here's the "problems" with the iPhone/iTouch. They both have slightly different specs, even those of the same genration (iPhone 3G had slightly lower cloking than the iTouch 2nd gen) and it looks like the 3GS is really setting itself apart from the others, hopefully the 3rd gen iTouch will be similar to it. Some games, if not most from now on, won't run aswell on all devices. Even right now, some games are painful to play on the 1st gen iTouch and run much better on the 2nd gen one. This will only get worse.

Also, the iPhone doesn't have "real" buttons, only virtual ones, and it's rather hit and miss with those, as of now atleast.

The iPhone has a higher definition screen, however it's smaller and you fingers are on it, cropping a small percentage of the screen, while the PSP has a much bigger screen.

Finally, the PSP games are retailing for about 30-40$, some might complain, however, it also allows devs to invest more money in their games, compared to the more "simplistic" and cheaper to produce apps we've seen from the iPhone as of now.

The iPhone is a great device, but putting it against either the PSP or the DS is, to me, somewhat ridiculous. People say that it's gameplay>graphics, and as of now, the PSP offers better gameplay in most game gendras.

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bjornbear3323d ago

I think its quite a competent phone and over all gadget, however, until i see proof, this is quite bs news...=/ but i'd love to see that!

joevfx3323d ago

no anolog stick and buttons for the iphone, so i say no, not gonna happen.

sloth33953323d ago

the iphone shouldn't be compared to a video game system that would be like comparing a normal phone to a game system since it can play games

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