Safari 4, A Browser Equipped for the Web App Jungle, Arrives

The next version of Apple's web browser has hit the open waters. The company announced the final version of Safari 4 will be available for download Monday afternoon for Mac OS X and Windows from Apple's website. The browser will also ship with Snow Leopard, the next version of Apple's Mac OS X desktop operating system, due in September.

The emphasis with this release is raw speed. Safari 4 features an updated page rendering engine and a revamped JavaScript engine that improves the performance of the latest web apps and supports the newest web standards.

Browsing history searches have been enhanced with a new feature that lets you flip through previously viewed web pages in Cover Flow mode - you can view your browser history in the same way you view album cover art in iTunes. Spotlight search has been integrated into the browser, too, so you can search the text within recently-viewed web pages using the system-wide search tool borrowed from Mac OS X.

Safari 4 also includes a crash protection mechanism that keeps the browser running, even if a plug-in like Flash player crashes.

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