Nexon Signs Multi-Title Deal For Scaleform GFx

Korean MMO publisher Nexon has signed a multi-title licensing deal with Scaleform that will see the company's Scaleform GFx UI solution integrated into four of the publisher's upcoming games, including Mabinogi: Heroes.

"To deliver our next generation of MMOGs, only a best-of-class user interface solution would suffice: we chose Scaleform GFx," says Mabinogi: Heroes project manager Eun-Seok Yi.

Scaleform GFx combines hardware-accelerated Flash rendering with Adobe Creative Suite's image, vector and video motion graphics software tool chain. It's designed to allow teams to implement hardware-accelerated content and user interfaces including intro logo and cut scene videos, menu UIs and HUDs, animated textures, minigames and full casual games.

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