NG: Sacred 2: Fallen Angel Review

NG: "Prior to taking Sacred 2 home for a thorough review inspection, we quipped to anyone who was listening – pretty sure the cleaner cocked an ear as she hoovered under our desk – that: "The innkeeper needs our help. His cellar is overrun by rats and he needs us to kill them. By 'overrun', he means there are exactly ten."

Now, to be fair, we had expected this to be our first missi… sorry, quest, but it wasn't. Our first quest in Sacred 2 was actually to kill an innkeeper, which is turning things on their head pretty dramatically, you've got to admit. However, after only about 5-6 hours of play we had already been asked to clear not one but two critter-infested cellars. One was full of spiders, the other an uneasy alliance of zombies and – yes, you guessed it – rats.

If this little anecdote has brought a fond smile to your face, then you're going to love Sacred 2."

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