LBP Shadow of the Colossus costumes revealed

Last week we got official confirmation that the world of Team Ico would be invading LittleBigPlanet with a release of a content pack featuring costumes and other items inspired by Ico and Shadow of the Colossus. It was unknown if we would all be in for a treat and receive an amazing map pack to go with these items but sadly it was announced over the weekend that the pack would only include costumes, stickers and sound effects.

Today we have our first look at the three costumes that will represent Shadow of the Colossus with one obviously being for the Wanderer while the other two are Colossi.

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KR1ST0F3R3273d ago

ZOMG this obviously means Shadow of the colossus HD remix on the PS store soon!!!!!!!!!

oh and FIRST!

40cal3273d ago

That is one of the coolest Sackboy costumes so far. I might actually get this DLC.

hay3273d ago

Nothing personal but I rather think you may start a massive BS.

Shadow of Colossus on PSN would be a huge announcement along with the fact that Sony would prove that PS2 games are possible on non-bc PS3's or would start BC trend.
You can't possibly conclude it from costumes in LBP.

KR1ST0F3R3273d ago

it was a joke obviously, we can wish though!!!!

_Q_3273d ago

I just SHAT myself...
I have to own these!