Gaming Union: Dynasty Warriors 6 Empires Preview

Gaming Union writes "Dynasty Warriors has always been one of those titles that most people in the west never got into, yet despite this it has a huge cult following. Although KOEI have done many revamps and expansions, they are still only on the sixth iteration of the game. However, one of the spinoffs they do is the Empires series, which looks at the Dynasty Warriors franchise from a more tactical perspective

Most people may be unaware about how the Dynasty Warriors franchise generally works. Recently there has been a main game, and a spinoff associated with it that offers a slightly different style of gameplay and acts as an expansion. Lately though Empires has taken this role and added itself as a new perspective on each title. Not a great deal is usually changed from the predecessor, but there are generally a lot more features and changes based around how the first turned out."

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mephman3325d ago

Dynasty Warriors has always been a bit of a guilty pleasure for me.

Selyah3325d ago

indeed I can never get enough dunno why it just draws me back in everytime.

Kyll3325d ago

Can't say I've heard of the Empire series before, I should dig up some youtube on this.

Dead_Cell3325d ago (Edited 3325d ago )

Is basically a tactical approach to the Dynasty Warriors series.
Each map is broken into provinces,with a random set of teams and different generals on each,you win the game by conquering the map province by province,hiring generals etc etc.
Each province is host to a battle,some of the themed ones like "Battle of Chi Bi" are there and a load of random ones.
Pretty good games replayability wise.