Monster Hunter Freedom Unite Special Edition PSP Console Revealed

Capcom have today revealed that latest effort in their Monster Hunter Freedom Unite European assault, teaming-up with Sony to deliver a specially branded PlayStation Portable (PSP) bundle for European gamers day-and-date with the software release.

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sinncross3353d ago

Cool looking box.

Hopefully this sells in a ratio similar to what it did in Japan; could help give Sony some momentum for the PS pin Europe and even the USA.

50CALheadshot3353d ago

correct me if im wrong, but isnt this game supposed to be "really good"...or is it just a asian fad?

no disrespect to my asian friends, you are cool peoples in my book.


Since it lacks online play you need to have friends with the game or you can get x link kia ..(orsomething like that ) its a fun game...i love it wish it was on ps360 for online play

50CALheadshot3353d ago

fair enough

thanx for the info

Arnon3353d ago

Lemme just say that this game is outstanding. I've sunk close to 400 hours on the PSP version. And about 300 hours on the PS2 version. I'm eagerly awaiting this.

rockleex3353d ago

I want Monster Hunter MMO on PS3 and/or 360!! >:D

Dir_en_grey3353d ago (Edited 3353d ago )

This is only a guess, but I think they delayed the released of Freedom Unite to match the launch of Ad Hoc Party through PS3 in regions other than Japan, like they did w/ the Japanese release of Monster Hunter 2nd G(Japanese name for MHFU).

For those who don't know Ad Hoc Party is free software from PSN that lets you play your PSP online with your PS3 while being able to voice/text chat through PS3(maybe video chat too?).

PS: Monster Hunter is a great game either you play alone or w/ friends. You have friends help you out when you can't get through some parts but if you are good at action games this game is GREAT for single player cuz it brings you that challenge a good action gamer thirsts for.

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mirroredderorrim3353d ago

Ohh! Hohoho!

Looks like the big guns are being loaded. This could smash through Japan like Godzilla on overtime.

D4RkNIKON3353d ago

Hahaha for true. No doubt in my mind this will

MajesticBeast3353d ago

god monster hunter psp or wait for a go damn hard choices damn you sony!

Arnon3353d ago

Monster Hunter Freedom Unite + Monster Hunter PSP = ALL THE WAY

wazzim3353d ago

Too bad that I already have one, my little brother bought a new PSP 2000 today for only €100(!) Now we can play MH together :D

Idree3353d ago

Will be buying the game :)

Since i already have the Monster Hunter Matte Bronze PSP bundle with Portable 2nd G.

I should be off to a great Hunting frenzy :D

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