Metal Gear Sneakers - The Kojima Project

A dream had come true, and the Video Game Customizer got things lined up to visit the Convention Center from June 1st-4th. Meeting Hideo Kojima was still very much a long shot, but the goal was just that much closer. Regardless, another dream came true as a byproduct, and Patterson got the opportunity to break into the field of game journalism (a required aspect of getting into the Expo).
However, less than a week before E3 hit, the bad news was delivered that Kojima was taking no appointments and that the only way possible to see him was just before or after the press conference, which was already past capacity. But your boys at AnalogHype would not be deterred.

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caesar843268d ago

videos are on the site. sorry n4g has that lockdown

kratos1233268d ago

thats it i am gonna buy the mgs3 green 1 its so beutiful

caesar843268d ago

jacob is a true artistic talent. i hope he gets everything he accomplishes everything hes dreamed to do. i want to get some dunks for my lady next.

Pein3268d ago

and a great inspiring story

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