DarkStation: Boom Blox Bash Party Review

Darkstation writes: "When it comes to reviewing a Nintendo Wii game it can be quite different from reviewing any other platform. There seems to be this added layer of controls/usability that comes into play not to mention the fact that Wii titles tend to be created more for a "general" audience where as many of the console and handheld games are created for a more specific target audience in mind. With all of this being said this just leads me to introduce my review of Boom Blox: Bash Party a puzzle game for the Nintendo Wii that takes the ideas of a game like Jenga and puts some modern technology behind it to make a very unique and new game. This being the second out ing for the franchise, does Boom Blox: Bash Party add the needed flare to keep the series alive and well? Read our full review to find out!"

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TrollSlayer3354d ago

this game is getting great reviews

Smacktard3354d ago

It deserves them! Really a great game.