How Nintendo's boss rewrote the rules of the game

Satoru Iwata is not your typical Japanese company president. When he talks about the games his company produces, the 49-year-old Nintendo CEO's eyes positively twinkle with mischief and excitement.

Nintendo employees speak with hushed reverence about their occasional meetings with the man, about his inspirational qualities, about his power to make them believe in ideas they'd previously found far-fetched or plain stupid.

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qface643325d ago

hmm 49?
he really doesn't look that old

ChickeyCantor3325d ago

Wii-fit and cooking mama is keeping him fit
( and for F sake its a joke! xD)

SpoonyRedMage3325d ago

What a cool guy, I have a lot of respect for him and I say good luck in the future.

Model3325d ago

nintendo should stop releasing the same games over and over again (mario,zelda,metroid)

ChickeyCantor3325d ago

Such dirty words,
I hope they do not.
Many new gamers should be able to enjoy these games too, and many who have played them in the nes era still enjoy the franchise.

Seriously though, if they are enjoyable why stop making them?
And for "same"? Obviously you are just saying that without having the experience of playing all of these games from beginning to end.

Miss out =) have fun.

Model3325d ago

new ip would not hurt from time to time, relying on game characters from 80s is getting a bit old

SpoonyRedMage3325d ago

You know they have new IPs all the time? They announced/shown 3 at E3 for instance...

kratos1233325d ago

could you refresh my mind because i really havent seen them this gen ,you mean the new super mario galaxy , or mario galaxy 2, or metroid,oh wait it must be zelda, the only new thing i heard from nintendo fore new ip was captain rainbow and that was laste e3 i have a suspicien its canceld now , but please do refresh my mind

SpoonyRedMage3325d ago (Edited 3325d ago )

Monado, Line Attack Heroes and Span Smasher(although Span Smasher may be third party, not so sure). They weren't on the actual conference but they were at the show.

Monado's probably the biggest with it being a new JRPG from Monolith.

How about Disaster: Day of Crisis as well?

kratos1233325d ago

you just said it your self those where all 3rd party devolpers no new nintendo ip this gen but i will give it to you that 3rd partys have tryed to make new ips but failed at it because wii is mostly fore casauls thats just the truth my friend

SpoonyRedMage3325d ago

Monolith's first party you idiot and they developed Disaster as well. Grezzo Games is third party but Line Attack Heroes is being funded and published by Nintendo.

They're also funding and publishing Tact of Magic, Taito are developing it.

So the truth isn't there because you clearly don't know what you're talking about, like most people.

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bjornbear3325d ago

The wii may not be a console of choice, but i think Nintendo has some pretty cool dudes behind it compared to the other two =/

TheMART3325d ago

" delumine - 21 minutes ago
3 -
nintendo should stop releasing the same games over and over again (mario,zelda,metroid) "

Nope, they shouldn't do that. But they should make new IP's more besides them instead of only rehasing stuff...

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