Resi PSP is "totally different"

CVG: Capcom's Chris Kramer, otherwise known as Kramez on his blog, has teased details for the new Resident Evil game coming to PSP.

The game, which was announced last week during Sony's E3 press conference for release next year, remains a complete mystery, but Kramer has seen it and seems pretty excited.

"I can tell you that Capcom is working very closely with Sony on this title, as it's something that both companies have wanted on the PSP for quite some time," he said.

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mrv3213355d ago

Yay we don't have to pay to be using stuff that's allready on the disk!

rockleex3355d ago (Edited 3355d ago )

This will be the first HORROR game that they make! ^_^

Ahah just kidding, the first was scary. But all the ones after that were just survival zombie games, not survival horror games. O_o

Seriously though, I want an RE game that's as scary as the first Silent Hill!! O_O

Anyways, seeing as how they're working closely with Sony, that can only be a good thing. >:D

Kain813355d ago

Its Resident Evil, but its not a Remake or a Classic PSone game, is it like a Resident Evil on rails like the Wii-versions???

they should show something

Model3355d ago

i think it is resi4/5 type of game, those game really use just one analog stick

rockleex3355d ago

Only used one stick too. O_o

deshon093355d ago

new res evil ip for the psp should be good

San Frandisco3355d ago

it doesnt have to be a remake .. just remake the horror side of it into the PSP version and stop trying to be innovative with this sh!t man.

-GametimeUK-3355d ago

Cant wait to find out more on this title... PSP line up is strong... I can easily see the PSP being my handheld of choice over the DS soon

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