Gamasutra: The most significant thing at E3 2009

Kim Pallister @ Gamasutra: "Well, another E3 behind us, and not just any E3. This was E3 born again. Following on the heels of the Supernova E3 and Dwarf Star E3, this was, I guess, the Phoenix E3?

As this E3 fades, we're left with the deluge of announcements and demos to digest. It's an interesting thought exercise to consider which are the more significant ones. Which might have the biggest long term impact, might tip the scales in the console wars, open the market to new audiences and revenue streams, etc.

There were lots of game announcements, lots of them exciting, but none so *different* as to warrant the label of 'game changer'. There were no wild-card disruptive entrants like we saw at GDC with OnLive's announcement. There were of course the keynotes from Microsoft, Nintendo, and Sony."

"I'm going to go out on a limb and say that the most significant item out of E3 was this:

The announcement of Facebook and Twitter support within Xbox Live (Nintendo had a similar announcement around the DS, so they get some credit too)."

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