Multiplayer Can Hurt You

Benjamin Quintero @ Gamasutra: "Sadly, I just don't care about multiplayer games the way I used to. Probably the last multiplayer game I was truly frantic about was Quake 3, but for different reasons. I never really played it competitively, but instead cooperatively. You see, when I played Quake 3 it usually meant teaming up with at least one other friend. On the enemy team would be a swarm of 30+ nightmare bots that blanketed the arena; the game mode was typically Capture the Flag. This meant we were forced to gamble between storming their heavily camped base and defending an impromptu rush of bots breaking in. It was like Left4Dead long before it was ever conceived, except zombies had rocket launchers and BFGs. To me, this was the only way to play Quake 3 and get maximum enjoyment.

Speaking of Left4Dead; it was actually one of those games I never played because it had such a strong focus on multiplayer. I think that if I was 10 years younger I'd be playing it right now. I'm not THAT old =), but many of my friends; the people who's house/apartment I would crash at for all-night LAN parties have all grown away from games, or at least these kinds of games.

There's also been a strong divide in the console and PC space where some of my friends only own 360s and others own PS3s while some only have a PC. Since the console systems refuse to communicate outside of their bubble, it's hard to put a group together when everyone is playing on different hardware."

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