EA's Riccitiello: 'Nintendo Isn't Trying To Dominate The Platform'

Despite Nintendo's overwhelming success, questions often linger over whether the proliferation of Wii has benefited third parties nearly as much as it should, as publishers appear challenged to make regular hits on the platform.

Like many publishers who felt the sting of an overcrowded holiday 2008 on the next-gen platforms, Electronic Arts has made an increased focus on Wii a core component of its product strategy for 2009. EA's efforts have already begun to bear fruit, with the 600,000-unit launch of EA Sports Active on Wii.

"That's our best launch so far on the Wii," EA CEO John Riccitiello tells Gamasutra. "It's the first time a third party has been number one on the Wii platform two weeks in a row."

It's clear why this is an important success: "The number one platform is expanding the market, and growing," says Riccitiello. "Having a lead position there seems like an obvious thing for us to do."

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qface643394d ago

you know out of all the 3rd party CEO's hes alright with me
unlike activisions bobby what's his name he kind annoys me

N4g_null3394d ago

Man I really do love Gamasutra. This was a really great articule and it is always nice to see what a publisher is actually thinking.