PS3 Informer: Prototype Review

PS3 Informer writes: "The world can definitely be a scary place, but especially for someone who just awoke inside a morgue with no memories. What if this scenario happened to you? For Alex Mercer, it has become apparent that he was different and people wanted him he just needs to find out why. Welcome to our review of Prototype."

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The Captain3395d ago

Many gaming sources say the graphics are amazing. We must of seen old footage.

I am pumped!

Christopher3395d ago

The cut scenes, which are cgi (not a bad thing!), look beautiful and really do a good job of putting a bit more life into the game in between destroying tanks and throwing cars.

StanLee3395d ago

Looking forward to this game. I hope it doesn't disappoint.

Beast_Master3395d ago

I was worried this game would suck. Usually when a review isn't posted until the release day it means the studio has no faith in the game, and they are hoping to sell a few copies before gamers find out it is a turd. SO cool once I finsh beating Infamous on Hard I will pick this up with Ghostbusters next week.

Syronicus3395d ago

If you can, there is no excuse as to why you would not want to try this game out. It looks good and seems to be favored thus far. I don't purchase open world games so rental is the next best thing for me.

Montrealien3395d ago (Edited 3395d ago )

Beast master said..

"Usually when a review isn't posted until the release day it means the studio has no faith in the game"

That may be true, but I think its because they have no faith in the gaming press. witch would be fair imho.

WhittO3395d ago

hhmmm, this or Infamous ? think ill wait for more reviews..

solidjun53395d ago'll probably enjoy. I can only vouch for InFamous and tell you my experiences from that. As for prototype, it looks fun and funds right now are sorta lacking for me, but hopefully, I can scrounge up and get it.

Beast_Master3395d ago

I will own both, but I just beat infamous as a hero last night and I really loved the ending, and parts of the game really test weather you are a true hero. I can't wait to play through again as Infamous and see where the story goes. My advice is get Infamous because you will want to play through at least 2 times and if Prototype gets high grades pick that up too.

50CALheadshot3395d ago

i already beat infamous, im hooked on uncharted beta right now....

but target has a sale today i believe buy 2 get 1 free!!! for those of you wondering what to by between a couple of games, now you have a even better option.

Why dis3395d ago

Good this means Prototype will get 9's and 10's from most non pro PS3 sites.

aksmashh3395d ago

I was surprised that inFamous didn't get as high reviews as Prototype because for me it looked better from the trailers but it proves trailers don't mean sh*t but also believe alot reviewers are bias (harsh) to PS3 exclusives

kevnb3395d ago

e3 is more important than a review, reviews arent really all that important and dont bring in as many hits as something like e3 coverage.

PtRoLLFacE3395d ago

i dont care much about the graphics but the gameplay is sick

Jaces3395d ago


This means I get two great games within a couple weeks of each other, couldn't have asked for a better summer.

LastDance3394d ago

I played this yesterday at work and the graphics look like ps2 era.

Gameplay got old in about 40 seconds.

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deadreckoning6663395d ago

I'll hopefully get it today!!!

qface643395d ago

man for a sec i thought it was 4/10
i was about to say lol

Venomish3395d ago

lol, that actually is the score it deserves , jk
i give it 6 or 7 out of 10 myself
the game is full of advertisement boards, it has tons of gamestop advertisements ,so it shouldnt be farfetched that gameinformer would give it a high score.

Pistolero3395d ago

I've seen it in person and it does look very good for an open world game. Nice review.

cody2oo3395d ago

theres ben to many rants about this game being not good an now it gets a few good reviews and they said ti looks awesome ye tthat video we saw did not impress. its out today right?

Dude4203395d ago

The reason you've heard so many rants about this game is because fanboys were always comparing this to Infamous. The Xbox fanboys wanted Prototype to murder Infamous because of "t3h phun f4cterZ" and the Sony fanboys wanted Prototype to fail so hard because of "t3h gr4fix".

All you've been listening to was fanboy BS and this game apparently turned out to be great, I'll just never understand why these people can't enjoy a damn game. Btw, that video you saw had a crappy video quality and plus it was a tutorial, so of course it's going to look boring.

kevnb3395d ago

the home of playstation fanboys who only like ps3 exclusives and games announced ps3 as lead platform.

nnotdead3395d ago

funny i agreed with your E3/review comment up above. then i scroll down and i see the anti Sony comment. to be fair you are half right, but you just ignore the 360 fanboys who wanted Infamous to fail, and went on screaming how great Prototype is/will be. which is funny, because Prototype is multiplat. why the hell would Sony fans want it to fail, and why would 360 fans act as though it is an exclusive?

kevnb3395d ago (Edited 3395d ago )

no idea, by the way im in no way anti-sony. I just find the sony fanboys extremely anoying, they dont even make any sense... the 360 fanboys I can see where they are coming from biased or not. When a sony fanboy says halo sucks, its not that annoying its to be expected, but when they go on with conspiracy theories and basically state that any game not developed ps3 lead platform sucks it gets annoying. Stick to facts and/or opinions, dont just pull facts out of thin air. We all know if prototype was announced as ps3 lead platform those same fanboys would say it rocks.

Dude4203395d ago

I know your comment wasn't directed at me, but just to be safe, if you look at my comment above you'll see I'm on neither side (I have both consoles).

Now to answer your question as to why ps3 fanboys want prototype to fail. It's because it's a sandbox game like Infamous, so when these fanboys look at it, they start bashing it because it doesn't look as good as Infamous so right away they think "OMGZ LULZ PROTOTYPE IS T3H FLOPZ".

Prototype being multiplat doesn't help its case either so Xbox fanboys charge in and say "OMG Prototype is t3h winnurz! Moar funz than t3h sh!t Infamous lulz!" When this happens, PS3 fanboys will want Prototype to fail, start bashing the graphics, judge the game from low quality videos etc...

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