Modern Warfare 2: Authenticity over realism

CVG writes: "Modern Warfare 2 may seem to capture the chaos you'd imagine of war - and look stunningly realistic too - but studio head Vince Zampella says Infinity Ward aims for entertainment, not simulation.

"We go for authenticity not realism," Zampella told Official PlayStation Magazine. "We're not making a sim, we're making entertainment. We want it to look real like an action movie."

Zamplella explains why the futuristic weapons, like a tripod gun that uses lasers to detect and shoot enemies, don't ruin the game's authenticity. "You see a guy in an action movie, what he does is a little over the top. It makes for a great movie..."

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CypH3391d ago

therefore KZ2 won FPS of the year

Syronicus3391d ago

You know how it goes these days. Because Killzone 2 did not sell 10 million units, it will not win GotY. It seems that is the trend these days IMHO.

As for Modern Warfare 2... I cannot wait for it. It will be the game that sucks yet another hundred upon hundred hours of my life away and it will do it so sweetly.

aksmashh3391d ago

If think theses video's don't do it justice

I'm quiet sure Infinity ward are going have something good, simply because they must have a big budget & were still playing COD4 & it only started looking a little dated when killzone came out.

SH3MRON3391d ago

...never take out a good developer like IW. They can't give the same support like GG gives to KZ2, because its not their game and its owned by a money milking company and they will not allow IW to keep giving Map Packs cause it will slow down the sales of the next COD game. But if you haven't played the game yet (its not out yet) don't take it out of account.

Its gonna be a big contender and a few of the biggest contenders will be KZ2, MAG, Halo (yes Halo), COD among others.

dragunrising3391d ago

I just hope the game doesn't go too over the top. Its not science fiction so it should maintain a little realism. The story for MW was pretty good and believable at its best parts. Perhaps the dev has a point though; we play games to have fun. We might appreciate a sim realism in our racing games but shooters don't need to fully explore the horrors of war...right? :-p

xMAx Sadistik3391d ago

Was Killzone 2 realistic? Yeah, you moved with more weight, but the bullet damage required to kill an enemy was twice that of Call of Duty! Also, in what alternate dimension are the weapons and game modes of Killzone 'realistic'? Please check yourself before you make stupid, fanboy comments.

IdleLeeSiuLung3391d ago

I don't know, I played KZ2 and to me CoD4: MW was better. Sure KZ2 was graphically impressive, but game play wise CoD4 rules all! I'm getting sick of FPS, but I can't wait for MW2.

CypH3391d ago

that KZ2 give more realism than MW2.

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MuayThaiGamer3391d ago

but may take some of the COD feel away from it. I am badly looking forward to this game though. I was hooked on COD4 for nearly a year. With all these games coming out I'm gonna be broke as a joke by Christmas!

dalibor3391d ago

I agree with you, I like being able to shoot 8 rounds of the Desert Eagle in like a second haha(unrealistic of course). Cod does get somewhat more realistic if you place hardcore, weapons are deadlier, friendly fire on & radar hardly comes up. It would be cool if the weapons in COD could be upgraded meaning more ammo, firepower, spread shots, ect. perks for the weapons as well as regular perks.

Rifle-Man3391d ago

Real or not, I don't give a crap – as long as the multiplayer maps are as good as CoD4's, I'm good.

Did I hear that they might have some of the most popular CoD4 maps in MW2?

mrv3213391d ago

Last I checked friendly fire and shooting civillians where allowed in the U.S mitilary either that or someone is bad at training.

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