Analysis: Examining Massively Single Player Online Games

In this column, Michael Walbridge discusses how asynchronous multiplayer social games build community, finding commonalities between popular titles like Mafia Wars and Kingdom of Loathing.

Michael Walbridge: "Lately some have been arguing that, as far as games are concerned, content is not always king. In the April 2009 issue of Game Developer magazine, Steve Theodore discussed alternative conceptions of games as art. After noting John Carmack's "We're doing entertainment" quote, Theodore writes: "Honestly, not many games can live up to the Romantic ideal [of art].

Recently, Chris Remo pointed out that many games seem to shoot to become epic, and Leigh Alexander suggested that perhaps it's time we stop looking for a "Citizen Kane". In short: games are games first and foremost, and anything else is incidental."

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mistajeff3359d ago

I think the Old Republic should be single player online. This way the player feels like they are making a true difference in the galaxy and guiding the course of the game themselves, and Bioware can continuously update with more branching stories and content. With so many people playing the same Old Republic, it's kind of hard to make each individual player feel like they're making a true difference in the dynamic of the game's universe.